WATCH: The GOP Debate Starts In Total Chaos And It’s Hilarious


The Republican primary debate in New Hampshire Saturday night started with complete chaos as the introductions began. While the candidates entered the stage, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson was introduced but instead of walking out to the podium, he just stood there.

So there was a delay of sorts and moderators David Muir and Martha Raddat were unaware of what was taking place so they went on to introduce Ted Cruz when Carson began to walk onto the stage. As he heard Cruz’s introduction, he turned and saw his rival walking out, then pass him by. Carson stopped dead in his tracks.

It was a strange moment as Carson just smiled and allowed Cruz, the man who circulated a false report stating that he was suspending his campaign in Iowa, to just walk ahead of him.

The mild mannered former neurosurgeon let the Texan senator bypass him.

Wait. It gets stranger.

Carson just stood there being Carson, likely expecting his name to be called next, then as real estate magnate walked out in the hallway, the moderators called Marco Rubio, who then smiled while passing both candidates.

There’s more!

So then Trump and Carson were left standing there, then the moderators called former governor Jeb! Bush to the stage, who was standing at a distance behind them.

Bush just sort of tagged Trump on the shoulder and shrugged while passing the two candidates by before taking his place at the podium.

Things didn’t get better for Trump. Once onstage, he attacked Jeb Bush and basically the attendees in New Hampshire by saying the people in the audience are donors.

“He wants to be a tough guy,” Trump said about Bush. When Bush tried to speak up, Trump said, “let me talk, be quiet” and hushed him.

Trump was booed.

Then all the candidates basically campaigned against President Obama, as if he’s running for a third term.

Image: Screengrab.