Which 2016 GOP Candidate Has Peyton Manning Maxed-Out On Donations To?


Tomorrow hundreds of millions of people from around the world will watch Super Bowl 50 and cheer for either the Carolina Panthers or Denver Broncos. It promises to be a hell of a game, with two great defenses and two of the best quarterbacks in the NFL: Cam Newton and Peyton Manning. But can you guess which 2016 candidate for President Peyton Manning has given thousands of dollars to?

Drumroll please….

Jeb Bush. Which makes me wonder why a guy who wins as much as Manning does is supporting a second-tier guy like Jeb Bush who cannot get out of single-digits in the polls.

As it turns out, Bush is not the only conservative Manning has given large donations to over the years. Take a look at these charts:

peyton-manning-gop-1-1024x585 Which 2016 GOP Candidate Has Peyton Manning Maxed-Out On Donations To? Celebrities Election 2016

Looks like Manning is quite the Republican, which doesn’t exactly surprise me when I consider that the guy grew up in Louisiana, went to college in Tennessee, and now makes millions of dollars a year tossing a pigskin. Hey, I respect Peyton’s political affiliation, even if I disagree with him.

Here’s another connection between the NFL and the GOP on the eve of the year’s biggest game: Most of the owners are filthy rich, so one would expect they also love to give donations to the Republicans as often as they can.

But still, Manning and Jeb Bush? Hey, not to be too tough on Jeb (he’s got enough problems of his own without me piling on), but let’s be honest: Jeb Bush is about as likely to be the GOP nominee as my dog Ginger. Now I’d vote for Ginger in a heartbeat because she’s kind, loving, loyal, and a great pet, but I don’t expect too many other registered voters would be with me on that one.

So by all means enjoy the Super Bowl tomorrow. I sure plan to. But as you dip your chips, sip your beverage, and celebrate this great American sports tradition, keep another image in your mind. This is from a Jeb Bush campaign event earlier this week:

Do you think Peyton Manning has to beg people to applaud when he walks in a room?

Featured Image Via Wikimedia