BACKLASH: Flint Residents ACCUSE Hillary Clinton Of Using Them To Get Political Scout Badge


Residents of Flint, Michigan are pissed that Hilary Clinton is using them for votes. Clinton went to Flint to supposedly bring awareness to the water crisis that has been ignored for years. Sanders and Clinton are neck-and-neck in the polls right now, and it is becoming apparent that Sanders will likely win the primary on Tuesday.

Along the campaign trail, Clinton decided to stop in the primarily African American city of Flint, Michigan. Clinton portrays herself as being there for the people and to help them get out of their situation, but she is really only there for selfish reasons.

Clinton begins by saying how “blessed” she feels to be there and that she wishes it were for another reason, trying to pull on the audience’s heart strings, but failing miserably. Many of the residents who gathered at the church for Clinton’s speech knew she was spewing out bullsh*t left and right. Clinton had her own reasons for visiting Flint, she wasn’t there for the water crisis.

Clinton goes on to lie about the ‘real’ reason she is there:

‘But I am here because for nearly two years mothers and fathers were voicing concerns about the water’s color and its smell, about the rashes that it gave to those that were bathing in it. And for nearly two years Flint was told the water was safe.’

Clinton’s false compassion is sickening. Families are struggling, their children are getting sick, and they need better living conditions. Hillary just uses the visit as a good deed badge to add to her vest so she can bring it up in the future when talking herself up. Flint residents do not want to be on a “help the needy” commercial; they aren’t there to make Hillary look good, they have real struggles and she is using them to her own disgusting advantage.

Arnette Rison III, in regards to Clinton coming to Flint says:

‘If she’s bringing 35,000 hydroelectric filters, I’ll love her for it. But that’s not what she’s about to do.’

Who can blame Arnette for his disgust with this putrid candidate? Clinton is using Flint residents to build a false rapport so that she can look better in the eyes voters. Clinton doesn’t care that about the residents of Flint or the Flint Lives Matter project happening in the city.

Flint Lives Matter coordinator, Calandra Patrick was less than amused when Clinton landed in her Jet, she snapped:

‘Don’t jump on a cause just to get votes…It doesn’t matter to me if she makes an appearance or not, it doesn’t matter to me one bit.’

Many other Flint residents feel the same as Calandra. Clinton is trying to get into the lime-light; she is bringing awareness to the water crisis, and she has even asked that the primaries be held in Flint so there will be more awareness about the situation. That, however, is not enough. Clinton pretends to be so concerned about these residents, worried about the families and their conditions, but she has yet to volunteer or help them out. All Clinton cares about is looking good and gaining votes, both of which she is doing poorly.

Many residents of Flint are not only facing awful living conditions and their house value dropping drastically, but they are having financial problems as well. A lot of residents have left town, and those that are left are struggling to work, to eat, to bathe, and to provide for their family. Rison remarks, “No one wants to come to Flint” in regards to how poorly Flint has become and how bad it is getting. Apparently Clinton didn’t get the memo.

Image Source: InfoStormer