MUST WATCH: Zoolander and Hansel Talk Election 2016 on Saturday Night Live And It Is HILARIOUS (VIDEO)


This week’s episode of Saturday Night Live sparked a lot of attention with Bernie Sanders’ first ever SNL appearance, where he finally met Larry David. However, that wasn’t the only hilarious cameo of the evening.

On Saturday Night Live‘s segment Weekend Update, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson made guest appearances in-character as Derek Zoolander and Hansel, in time for the long overdue release of Zoolander 2.

SNL-screengrab MUST WATCH: Zoolander and Hansel Talk Election 2016 on Saturday Night Live And It Is HILARIOUS (VIDEO) Election 2016 Politics
Via YouTube screengrab.

Zoolander and Hansel were introduced as being commentators on Men’s Fashion Week, but they told the audience they were there to discuss what “male models talk about… politics.”

Zoolander pointed out how this past Monday was the “Iowa Cous Cous… Which I skipped because I don’t eat carbs.”

The pair discussed the upcoming Presidential election, and each of the candidates individual style sense.

Hansel pointed out that Hillary Clinton’s style was very ’90s, but reassuring everyone they “are hot right now.” According to Zoolander, though, Clinton’s style is comparable to Kim Jong Un.

Both models agreed Sanders’ clothes were “disaster,” saying,

“Hey, Chernobyl called, they want their disaster back!”

As for Ted Cruz, Zoolander thought Tom Cruise had recently let himself go and decided to run for the presidency. He declared Cruz as being a

“mission impossible for his stylist.”

Last but certainly not least, the pair addressed the style of The Donald. Oh boy.

“We love him. Donny’s just like us. He has the classic male model looks.”

Jost questioned what Zoolander meant:

“Male model look, you mean like Blue Steel?”

To which Zealander replied,

“Exactly. But Donny has Orange Mocha Crapaccino.”

So it seems that Trump is the favorite of Zoolander and Hansel, with the other candidates likely ending up on the fashion “Don’t” list.

You can watch the hilariously funny clip below, via YouTube:

Feature Image via YouTube screengrab.