Trump Tries To Bribe Vets Group With $100K To Attend His Rally–They Tell Him To Stuff It


Few things give Donald Trump more pleasure in life than patting himself on the back for all the great things he’s proud to tell you he’s done for people over the years. Sure, he’s a predatory asshole who tried to throw a little old lady in Atlantic City out of her house so he could build a parking lot for his casino, but sometimes in business you have to break a few eggs to make the billion dollar omelet.

The Donald also loves to talk about how much he loves veterans and all the awesome things he has done, is doing, and will do for them if he’s elected President. Here he is last September speaking about that aboard the USS Iowa:

And instead of facing Megyn Kelly at a debate in Iowa, Trump held his own counter-debate event at which he says he raised $6 million which he plans to donate to group which assist American veterans. The money is being run through his private foundation, so vets might not want to hold their collective breath waiting for Donald to pony up.

But let’s face it: Trump doesn’t actually want to help anyone but himself. It’s all about good press coverage for him. And what he tried to pull on a New Hampshire group name Liberty House perfectly exposes Trump for the charlatan and huckster he is and always will be. As the Daily Beast reports:

On Friday, Liberty House executive director Keith Howard received a call from a Trump campaign staffer, who conveyed that Trump would like to publicly present them with a six-figure check at a Londonderry rally on Monday, right before the Granite State primary.
It’s an enormous amount of money for a small charity. But Howard said he wouldn’t do it—risking the entire, substantial donation on a point of principle.

Trump offered Liberty House, a charity that helps veterans, $100,000, but they had to show up at one of his rallies and accept it so he could get all the glory for the donation. Liberty House told him to stick his $100K up his self-absorbed ass sideways.

As if that’s not bad enough, Trump was also going to disperse the donation via his Donald J. Trump Foundation, and since political considerations were involved, that was probably a violation of campaign finance law:

‘The campaign utilizing the foundation to help support and promote campaign events is a potential legal problem for both the campaign and the Trump Foundation,’  said Larry Noble, general counsel at the Campaign Legal Center.

The value of the work the foundation did to assist the campaign event could be considered an illegal campaign contribution. And the foundation is barred from getting involved in political activity, such as supporting a campaign rally. ‘Neither the foundation nor other charities should be working hand-in-hand with the campaign to promote Trump’s campaign events.’

Donald Trump is a lowlife, scumsucking parasite who uses people for his own benefit and profit. No wonder he decided to become a Republican.

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