WATCH: Bernie Sanders Teamed Up With Larry David On SNL And It Was SPECTACULAR (VIDEO)


For all of us Bernie Sanders fans, “Saturday Night Live” was a great big Bernie-laden dish of Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream. I knew that Bernie was going to do something, so I kept expecting him to pop up. I was almost disappointed, when all of a sudden, there he was attached to the back-end of a skit “Bern Your Enthusiasm” in great big letters “Directed by Bernie Sanders.”

Who knew our man could direct? It’s true. I wonder if he’ll keep on directing after he is president?

In the pre-taped sketch,  Bernie directed “Bern Your Enthusiasm,” where “SNL” host Larry David played Sanders on the campaign trail. But David did it as a parody of his own hit show “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” The characters walked right off of David’s show and into one of Bernie’s campaign headquarters.

I figured, that’s it, Bernie’s not going to make it live. Then, there he was on a sinking ship, a humble immigrant standing next to David, the rich naval officer. David tried desperately to wrangle his way onto the lifeboat as women and children boarded:

‘Check that kid for pubes…That’s a midget, I can say that, it’s olden times…That woman’s been through menopause.’

When all else failed, David-as-officer pulled out the rich pr*ck card.

‘I’m worth more than all of you put together.’

Bernie said:

‘I am so sick of the one percent getting this preferential treatment. Enough is enough! We need to be united, if we’re going to get through this.’

Then a shipman realized they had crashed into an island, not an iceberg, and they were in New York. Bernie admitted his real name was “Bernie Sanderswitski,” but they changed it, so it wouldn’t sound so Jewish.

When David says, “Yeah that will trick ’em,” Sanders breaks character with a Yuge grin.

All throughout Saturday night’s GOP debate held in New Hampshire, Bernie teased us with Tweets about the upcoming show:

Bernie even changed his Twitter avatar, inserting David-as-Bernie making a contribution call. Vacuum up those loose pennies:

Just before David introduced the band “1975,” he turned to Bernie and asked how things were going in New Hampshire. Bernie responded:

‘Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good.’

The real Ben Stiller played his character Derek Zoolander, and Owen Wilson played Hansel McDonald as guests on the regular “SNL” skit “Weekend Update.” Zoolander said he skipped the “Iowa couscous,” because he doesn’t eat carbs. Then they critiqued Bernie’s fashion:

‘Bernie’s suit is 99 percent-off at JC Penney’s.’

Hillary Clinton did a cameo appearance on “SNL” last fall, but Bernie stayed for the whole show. I know, because as the cast gathered for the closing music, I saw the real Bernie wave goodbye to me. Don’t tell anyone, but I gave a little wave back.


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