WATCH: Donald Trump Throws Huge TANTRUM After Being Called Out By Jeb (VIDEO)


Donald Trump got what was coming to him today. During the latest Republican debate, he was booed by the crowd after disagreeing with Jeb Bush over the issue of eminent domain. Eminent domain, in brief, is a right for the government to take control of private property to enable the building of infrastructure like roads, buildings or public facilities.

Trump is in favour of eminent domain. In fact, he has a history of taking advantage of eminent domain to further his property empire. It’s not great for a Presidential candidate to relish the opportunity to steal homes from the voting public, but just like every other time Trump has opened his mouth on this campaign so far, he doesn’t seem too concerned about upsetting anybody. In fact, Trump did what he does best, blame someone else. This time, it was his audience.

The thing that made this an unusual debate )though it’s difficult to classify what is unusual about a Republican debate anymore), is that Trump didn’t just offer a rebuttal to Jeb’s line of questioning, but told him to shut up. It’s not unusual for Trump to speak his mind, and he’s never been known for his self control, but during a Presidential debate you’d expect the candidates, even Trump, to at least try and act in a professional manner.

Once the crowd took Jeb’s side and started to boo, Trump responded:

“That’s all of his donors and special interests out there, the reason they’re not loving me is I don’t want their money, I’m going to do the right thing for the American public. I don’t want their money. I don’t need their money. And I’m the only one up here who can say that.”

Trump has a habit of bringing out the money card when he gets into tough situations. It’s true, he doesn’t need their money. He’s made billions of dollars off the backs of hard-working Americans and he is actively fighting to keep a law that will enable him to steal their land to further bolster his fortune. He might make an excellent leader of industry, but the ethics that get you to the top of the business world are not necessarily the ones you want in the President of the United States of America.

See the video below: