WATCH: Marc Anthony Says ‘F*CK DONALD TRUMP’ During A Concert (VIDEO)


Marc Anthony announces to his concert crowd what every American with a brain is thinking, FU*K Donald Trump! During his concert at Madison Square Garden, Marc Anthony spoke about being prideful of who you are. He explained how proud he is to be Latino and that Latinos need to stick together because “there’s this crazy movement coming from some…….” in reference to Donald Trump’s ignorance and prejudicial remarks.

Anthony explained to his concert goers:

‘I just want to say, we’re proud of our country. We speak a little differently. We have our own food, we have our own way of being. But here, no matter where you come from, we’re Latinos. And we have to take care of each other, no matter where we come from. There’s only one f*cking box to check when you come to this country, and it says ‘Latino!”

There’s no shame in Anthony’s game. He is proud, he is supportive, and he wants everyone else to be the same way. Anthony then acknowledges a presidential candidate and his policies.

He goes on to say:

‘So, without getting a little crazy and shit, what I want to say is before I leave, I want to say two things….FU*K Donald Trump and I want to say I want him to hear it in his house, WAKE THAT MOTHER F**KER UP!’

Anthony does not agree with blowhard Donald Trump, his policies, or what he stands for. Much like every intelligent American, you can bet Anthony is not voting for Donald Trump, nor is he supporting him in any other aspect. Trump in all of his self-righteousness needs to hear this message from Anthony and maybe he will move on from his hair and stubby fingers and realize in order to be liked he will have to change more than just cosmetic features.

It’s no surprise that Anthony and those attending his concert that night have a great hatred for him. Since he began his candidacy, he has pointed his fingers at Latinos for everything wrong in America. Trump said all Latinos are rapists, they are the reason crime rates are so high, and even wants to bring back Eisenhower’s “Operation Wetback.” It is safe to say Trump is one of the most hated men in America. He still wants to build a wall to keep Mexicans out of the United States, and constantly uses derogatory terms in reference to Latinos.

Marc Anthony, an American citizen born in New York, is not afraid to take a stand against Trump and all of his arrogant Bullsh*t. The republican party needs to watch their backs if they plan on winning this year, and possibly be a little more tolerant of different cultures. America is a very diverse country, and in 2012 70% of Latinos voted for Obama, and look where that got him! Maybe not being an uninformed, selfish, prick will get them farther in this election.

Video courtesy of YouTube

Image Source: Ponder