WATCH: Michelle and Barack Obama Give Their Final Super Bowl Interview


Watch here!

Barack and Michelle Obama gave their final Super Bowl interview from the White House today and boy is it a charmer. The current President and First Lady sat down and gave us a little glimpse of sorts into what Super Bowl Sunday has been like every year at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and their recollections are worth watching. The interview was given by Gayle King, a co-anchor on CBS This Morning.

The Obamas gave us a description of a Super Bowl watch party at the White House that wasn’t entirely removed from the way millions of Americans watch the big game themselves. From ranking the commercials from best to worst, to preparing nachos, pizza, and other classic high-calorie dishes that define our national diet on Super Bowl Sunday, the Obamas did not seem to let their status as the First Family prevent them from partaking in the festivities of our nation’s more humble folk. Given that both Barack and Michelle came from more humble beginnings themselves, before their rise into political prominence, its refreshing to see that they haven’t lost touch with it entirely.

A lot of attention has been placed on how authentic and relatable the two came across. Obama appeared to light up in a way he doesn’t often do unless his wife is with him, proving that the couple really seem to love each other. It’s easy to infer that the two treasure times like these, when they can sit back and do what millions of us do every year ourselves, watch the Super Bowl and eat way more pizza then they probably should have. Of course, I have no idea of knowing what they will actually be eating, but it’s fun to think about.

As is customary, King asked the president to give his official prediction for the winner of this year’s contest, which the President has been notoriously unsuccessful in doing throughout his tenure in the White House. This year, however, he decided to mark his prediction on a piece of paper, which King folded and put into an envelop to be opened and revealed to the nation tomorrow morning.

Image via screengrab.