WATCH: ‘Saturday Night Live’ Taran Killam As Ted Cruz Is Brilliant! (VIDEO)


I thought if I watched “Saturday Night Live’s” Taran Killam’s imitation of Ted Cruz, I might understand how a man who no one likes, no one, get to be winner of the GOP Iowa caucus. I’m pretty sure he’s the prince of darkness come back to rule the world, and as such, he mesmerized all the Republicans with his monotone voice.

Surely, no human could laugh as Ted Cruz does, starting out as Goofy and ending with a wild hyenas’ mating call. Killam did a beautiful lampoon of the man who was not:

‘Born wealthy, handsome, charismatic, or nice, not cool or likable or fine, young or hip, or energetic.’

Oh, sure, Cruz used cheating and dirty tricks, sending out flyers and spreading bogus rumors that competitor Dr. Ben Carson had quit. So the least-likable man of all scooped up his votes and won.

But I keep going back to what Killam-as-Cruz said, that when he turns in profile, he does resemble a “Far Side” cartoon:

Psychologists have begun studying Cruz to discover why the presidential candidate repels people, and the best they could come up with is simply that he is “creepy.” Killam-as-Cruz said:

‘I have overcome the greatest political liability of all time, being Ted Cruz.’

The fake Cruz tells us his is a story of “triumph over adversity,” like FDR, but instead of a wheelchair, his handicap was his personality and his face.

But all I could envision was how much Cruz reminds me of “Triumph The Insult Comic Dog.” He is the one who came to fame on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” Triumph, not Cruz.

Then it all became clear, when Killam told us that Cruz is a “sneaky little stinker,” “a greased pig of politics,” “a nasty little weasel.” Of course, Cruz must be the sad mistake of a father who wanted a son to rule the world and used black magic to weld the body parts of a hyena, weasel, and pig into human form.

SNL Rips ‘Nasty Little Weasel’ Ted Cruz in Cold Open

Featured Image: Screenshot NBC’s SNL