WOW: Jeb Bush Was Just Endorsed By HUMAN SLIME- Your Blood Will Boil (VIDEO)


I know what you’re thinking: why would Donald Trump endorse Jeb Bush? Well he didn’t. I’m talking about the other candidate for the title of worst human being, Martin Shkreli. Martin Shkreli is a pretty unpopular guy at the moment, not because of his arrogant demeanour, but because of his decision to increase the price of AIDS drug Daraprim, a medication vital to sufferers worldwide, from $13.50 a pill to $750 a pill.

That’s a hefty increase, and ultimately may end up causing the deaths of hundreds of people who cannot afford to pay such bloated prices. Still, what’s the life of some AIDS sufferer when an already rich CEO can become a bit richer?

Jeb Bush isn’t specifically known for doing anything as terrible as Shkreli, and if you can overlook some of the terrible things his brother, good old George W did as president, then as far as the Republican candidates go, he’s probably on the less repulsive side.

So we can imagine how he must have felt when he logged on to Twitter to check the news, perhaps have a chuckle over some amusing picture of The Donald doing something crazy and found that he’d been endorsed by the Trump of the pharmaceutical industry.

If Jeb didn’t immediately throw his laptop to the ground, drop to his knees and scream “Whyyyyyyy????” at his imaginary friend in the sky, I’d be very surprised. Jeb seemed to be making headway in his quest to become the third Bush in the White House, after sort of winning the crowd over during the latest Republican debate, even inciting the audience to boo his GOP rival, pantomime villain Donald Trump. 

Shkreli later retracted his support for Bush.

You can imagine Jeb breathing a sigh of relief, and then again crying as he wonders why even a terrible human being like Shkreli doesn’t like him. You’re better of without the support of someone like that, Jeb. If your campaign attracts somebody with the moral compass of Shkreli, then you definitely should not ever be elected to a position of such power and authority.

You’re also probably wondering what kind of a person would date a person like Shkreli. We’re wondering that. too. If I was a betting man, I’d say his “date” was a figment of his imagination, or perhaps of the inflatable variety. I guess we won’t know for certain one way or the other.

Shkreli has faced lots of media backlash about his decision to inflate the price of much needed medicine by 5000%, and has had to defend himself several times. He’s also currently involved in an investigation into securities fraud, which forced him to step down from his position of CEO at Turing Pharmaceutical. If you’d like to see him arrogantly defend his decision to inflate prices, watch the video below.

Be warned, though: punching your screen may hurt your hand and damage your computer.

Featured Image Via Adweek