BUSTED: Ted Cruz Is Mailing Fake Checks To Trick People In To Opening Mail With His Name On It


Ted Cruz and the sleazy people running his campaign are absolutely shameless. Winning Democrats reports that he has recently taken to bribing people to vote for him. Here’s the catch, though. The bribe, just like Cruz himself, is fake!

Here’s the story: Ted Cruz has been sending unsolicited fake checks to people all over the United States to beg them for donations to his campaign. It has been reported that the checks have been received in states as far apart as New Jersey and Oklahoma. The Cruz campaign doesn’t discriminate when it comes to bribery, apparently. They want to get everyone involved.

This is an image of what one of the letters looks like, courtesy of Huffington Post:


Exciting, right? Who wouldn’t be happy to get a check in the mail, especially one you weren’t expecting? Well, the excitement goes away as soon as you open the letter and realize that you have not, in fact, been sent a check. Instead, you have been sent a fake check meant to encourage you to donate money to Ted Cruz’s campaign. But don’t worry. If you send the money immediately, a vaguely described “group of generous supporters” will match it, dollar for dollar.

This is an image of what the enclosed “check” looks like, also courtesy of Huffington Post:


As you can see, on the far right side of the check is the disclaimer: “This check is a facsimile. Not redeemable or negotiable and has no cash value.” The check is not the only thing that is a facsimile and without value, though. Ted Cruz himself has proven to be nothing more than an empty fake, and by pulling — or being okay with — schemes like these, he proves that he has no place in the White House.

Cruz has spoken often about always being honest with the citizens of the United States. Apparently his definition of honesty includes sending them fake checks in the mail, getting their hopes up only to have them realize that he is simply begging for donations?

Cruz and the people running his campaign should also realize that when you send people money that is not really money, they are probably not going to want to give you their actual money, no matter what percentage of their donation is going to be matched. They are likely just going to be upset that you tricked them, as they should be.

Ted Cruz definitely has some nerve going along with a scam like this. First of all, for the obvious reason that he is trying to win by deceiving the American people. Second, because he is dumb enough to think he won’t get caught and called out for it.

Oh, Ted. If you weren’t so awful, we might feel bad for you. After all, you do have to fake bribe people just to get them to open mail with your name on it, and that is pretty darn pathetic. Just like you.

Featured image via DonkeyHotey/ Flickr, available under a Creative Commons license.