POLL: Final Count Before New Hampshire Shows A DOUBLE-DIGIT Lead For THIS Candidate (VIDEO)


Just one day before the New Hampshire primaries, polls are showing that one candidate is leading the race by double-digits. According to a new tracking poll, Bernie Sanders has a massive 16-point lead over Hillary Clinton. The poll comes from the University of Massachusetts Lowell Center for Public Opinion, which has a strong history of accuracy.

This means that while Hillary Clinton has 40% of the vote, Bernie Sanders has 54% of New Hampshire voters in his pocket. That leaves 4% of people still undecided, but even if those undecided all voted for Hillary, Bernie would still have a substantial lead.

According to The Hill:

‘New Hampshire’s likely Democratic-leaning primary voters are generally loyal toward one of their party’s contenders, pollsters additionally discovered. About 82 percent are “definitely” backing Sanders versus 79 percent who feel the same about Clinton. Another 18 percent “could change their mind” about the senator, contrasted with 21 percent who may abandon Clinton.’

It looks as if Bernie Sanders will be the winner in New Hampshire, hands down, and the most deserved candidate for the outcome. After proving his power to sway the vote in Iowa, Bernie Sanders will only continue to gain strength from here. This is just the beginning of the whirlwind that is the Sanders campaign.

Hillary may as well prepare her concession speech now because I know this feels a lot like 2008 to her. She has to have this feeling of impending doom and deja vu. Perhaps that’s why she is so obviously angry in speeches and interviews lately. She knows this game, and historically, it doesn’t pan out well for her.

Video courtesy of The Young Turks via YouTube:

Featured Image Via ABC News