President Obama Hits Up Late Night TV And It Was Wildly Entertaining (VIDEO)


So the Super Bowl is over and I don’t know about you but I was a bit upset that so much football interrupted what was an outstanding concert. The Broncos beat the Panthers 24-10, so it’s congratulations or commiserations depending on where you put your money.

Leave it to Stephen Colbert then to have the best post game response. Colbert began the segment by throwing a football to people all around the world, starting with Lt. Col. Christopher Landers. Landers and his squad were in Afghanistan, eating salsa. They tossed the ball around between themselves and then Colbert threw it to the next special guest, Scott Kelly, currently floating around the international space station. From there it went to Chewbacca, and finally to Colbert’s highest ranking player, President Barack Obama.


The President correctly congratulated the winning team, despite admitting that it was a pre-recorded segment. Colbert initially tried to deny the pre-recorded nature of the bit, but then walked out alongside Obama to continue it. The two men were clearly enjoying themselves, and regardless of your opinion on Obama’s performance as President, it’s nice to see him as a human being rather than just a head of state.

Obama, in a deftly acted comedic turn, then went on to explain the reason for his apparent foresight:

“It turns out, all of the Super Bowl winners for the next 50 years are written on the back of the Constitution. That’s the plot of ‘National Treasure 3.’”

When Colbert exclaimed that there was no National Treasure 3, (we can all hope it stays that way too), The President made this shocking revelation:

“Ha! That’s what you think. There will be. The script is on the back of the Declaration of Independence.”

What’s especially funny is that Obama has been the subject of a conspiracy or two in his time as President, when Donald Trump questioned Obama’s status as an American and demanded he produce a birth certificate. So it’s nice to see Obama can make light of silly conspiracies and even play them up.

Probably the best part of the segment occurs at the end, when Obama throws the ball and it hits First Lady Michelle Obama. She is understandably a little irked by this and wants to locate the culprit. Obama, showing his comedic prowess once again, points the finger at Colbert and quietly slips away.

If you’re a Republican, I’m sure you can pull this clip apart, but I have to say, I like it. I think aside from sensible policies and a true desire to make America great again, Obama’s greatest strength as President has been his ability to remain down to earth and personable. The Obama’s are smart, sensible, likeable people who, despite what the Republicans would have you believe, really have done good things for the USA. Once his second term is over, perhaps the President should consider a career in acting?