BREAKING HISTORY- Republican Congress Breaks 41 Year Tradition To Spite Obama


Obama has presented congress with his new budget that outlines much needed spending on making America better for it’s people. The Obama administration cares deeply about the well-being of Americans and are constantly trying to find ways to move forward as a nation. The Republican congress has met this 4.1 trillion dollar budget proposal with laugher, disgust, and complete refusal to even consider it. The budget that wants to spend more time researching cancer and end homelessness, is being ignored and put down by money hungry Republicans that are just looking for tax cuts and to balance the budget.

According to The Center On Budget And Policy Priorities claims a “balanced budget”:

‘holds substantial risk of tipping faltering economies into recessions, making recessions longer and deeper, and precipitating very large additional job losses.’

According to Occupy Democrats, the main points of the budget Obama proposed are:

  • $11 billion dollars over the next ten years to fight homelessness in America in the form of $8.8 billion in housing vouchers for low-income families and $2.2 billion on short-term assistance, which would help uplift some 550,000 families out of poverty.
  • $1.8 billion to the Securities and Exchange Commission in order to better empower the watchdog agency to more closely monitor Wall Street financial institutions and prosecute financial crimes
  • A $10.25-a-barrel tax on oil, paid for by oil companies, to raise some $319 billion to improve our crumbling infrastructure and “upgrade the nation’s transportation system, improve resilience and reduce emissions,”
  • Increasing funds for Obamacare Medicaid expansion by $2.6 billion to try to convince more red states to abandon their absurd holdouts and accept free money for their sick citizens
  • $ 1 billion in funding to help fight the heroin epidemic that is ravaging communities across the country
  • $150 billion boost for scientific initiatives, including $1 billion in funding for cancer research
  • $1.3 billion to battle climate change through the Global Climate Change Initiative
  • a 6.3% increase in funding for veterans’ care, raising the total to $65 billion
  • $19 billion for improving our government’s dreadful cybersecurity and to bring government computers up to date, a necessity after it was discovered that Chinese hackers had been fooling around in the files of the Office of Personnel Management for over a year and stole the files of 22 million Americans
  • To pay for all of this and keep the deficit in check, Obama has proposed Bernie Sanders-style tax raises on the mega-wealthy: “hundreds of billions in new taxes, including raising the top tax rate on capital gains, slapping a new fee on the biggest financial firms and imposing the “Buffett Rule,” which would require wealthy millionaires to pay at least 30 percent of income in taxes.” He would also save us billions by ending oil, gas, and coal tax credits.

When presenting the budget Obama made a very clear statement:

‘The budget is a roadmap to a future that embodies America’s values and aspirations: a future of opportunity and security for all of our families; a rising standard of living; and a sustainable, peaceful planet for our kids!’

The Republican congress, without even looking at the budget or allowing Obama to explain any further, stuck up their noses at the new proposed budget. Goes to show which party truly cares about American citizens. The hatred towards having a democrat in office and the Republican congresses unwillingness to pass anything or better the country under Obama’s administration shows how childish and immature the GOP really is. The whole congress is throwing a tantrum because their party does not hold the presidency and are refusing to pass anything or get anything accomplished until the Republicans rule the white house.

The house budget chairman is adamantly refusing to have the budget advisor give his input and explain the budget even more so. Congress claims the budget is not anything like “a budget so much as it is a progressive manual for growing the federal government at the expense of hardworking Americans.” While this is awful news for money hungry Republicans that only care about the citizens that have money, this is great news for those of us logical Americans that know we have to give and take. The Republican congress is acting very childish in a way that one would when losing a game on the play ground and sticking their noses up to even the best of proposals given by President Obama.

Image Source: SmartGrowthAmerica

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