OOPS!: Fox News Accidentally Declares Donald Trump The Winner In New Hampshire


It looks like Fox News might have gotten a little ahead of themselves this morning. Long before the polls in New Hampshire had closed, the network declared that Donald Trump had won the state with 28% of the Republican vote, with 100 percent of precincts reporting. Oops! Looks like they might’ve jumped the gun a bit.

Here was the graphic they posted this morning:

Screenshot_2016-02-09_09.20.53-300x206 OOPS!: Fox News Accidentally Declares Donald Trump The Winner In New Hampshire Donald Trump Election 2016 Television

Fox also called the results of the Democratic race in favor of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, giving him 53% of the vote. This is the graphic they posted for that contest:

Screenshot_2016-02-09_09.23.53-1-300x160 OOPS!: Fox News Accidentally Declares Donald Trump The Winner In New Hampshire Donald Trump Election 2016 Television

You might be wondering, of course, why Fox was able to call the results before most of New Hampshire voters had cast their ballots. Is it possible that Rupert Murdoch is hiring wizards now? Are they blessed with the power of foresight, capable of reporting the news before it even happens? Is there an entire floor in the News Corp. building lined with desks and crystal balls, where these hired soothsayers foresee the days breaking stories?

Well, not exactly. The network took the graphic down shortly after it was posted, indicating that it was clearly a mistake that should not have happened. Quite embarrassing really.

Many were left scratching their heads after viewing the results, wondering what, exactly, Fox was doing when the results were released. Jeff Misenti, chief digital officer for the network, stated the following regarding the error:

‘During routine testing in preparation for the New Hampshire primary a malfunction occurred which briefly showed errant data on our website. This error has been rectified. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.’

It was odd that Fox had given the victory so eagerly to Trump, given that many in the network absolutely loathe him. The billionaire-turned-reality-television-star-turned-presidential-candidate has been heavily criticized by some of the network’s most prominent and insufferable talking heads. Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly have been particularly unfriendly to him in recent times.

Some have referred to Trump’s campaign as a “Frankenstein’s monster” of sorts, birthed from the shallow negligence of a media that has, until recently, been too soft on him. Now that he is a primary contender for the Republican nomination, many have become anxious. Even though the candidate is, by far, one of the most brazen liars in the race, many remain uncertain about how far he is really going to go by the time the primary cycle is over.

It is also widely expected for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders to win in New Hampshire as well, with recent polls putting the senator up by double digits against Hillary Clinton in the granite state. Fox News, however, has not been any less kind to the senator. The network, like others, have largely ignored the senator until recently. Now they devote much of their coverage to belittling and criticizing the candidate, basically for having the gall to suggest that, well, maybe we should learn from what other countries do better than us and maybe, just maybe, we should try and apply what we learn to our own country as well. This, however, is one of the worst political offenses you could ever commit, in Fox’s mind.

Featured image via Flickr, with a Creative Commons license.