Ted Cruz Is A P*ssy Shouted Trump Supporter, You Won’t Believe Who It Was (VIDEO)


There are people who have taken on one of the strangest jobs ever. They are working for Donald Trump, but you won’t believe what they are doing. No, they aren’t undocumented workers building the HUUUUGE wall between the U.S. and Mexico. No, they aren’t polishing the TRUMP sign plastered across the Donald’s New York building. They aren’t even collecting people in the middle of the street that Trump says won’t die under his healthcare program.

These poor suckers must really need the money, because they are plants, and not the green kind. The top Republican candidate for president is hiring people in New Hampshire and for other Trump campaign rallies to work as fake protestors and agitators for the multitudes. Then, his people plant them in the audience to create high drama and show off the crowds to the cameras.

I call them Trump stumpers, and the Donald literally admitted what he was doing:

‘I like protesters, because that’s the only way the camera shows how big the crowd is. Sometimes we even stage protesters!’

I wonder if it comes with hazardous duty pay, because some of those Trump crowds can get kind of rowdy. The real estate mogul seems to enjoy egging them on, so it isn’t all that safe a job.

Then, there is the question of pay. Trump is notoriously tight. I wonder if he pays $2.50 per hour with bonuses for screams and broken bones plus tips?

The Donald admitted to paying his Trump stumpers off just as one of them shouted out that Ted Cruz was a “p*ssy.” The beauty of this minor acting job is that Trump can play the shocked, simply shocked candidate. Then, of course, he repeated what the plant said into the mic for those who missed her slur.

The crowd roared in approval.

So, this is how you get to be the leading Republican candidate by anywhere from 11 to 21 points. Apparently so, and all of the time, those ugly insults and misogynistic slurs against his competitors and the media were minor acting jobs.

By using actors, Trump can say:

‘I was repeating something a woman said. And we had a lot of fun with it.’

Yes, they get a lot of laughs, and the Donald can keep his hands more-or-less out of the mud. Today, he said:

‘Political correctness in our country is too much.’

Watch the exchange with the audience member below:

Featured Image: By Gage Skidmore via Flickr, Creative Commons

H/T: MSNBC.com and Winningdemocrats.com