The Ladies Of “The View” Destroy Donald Trump For Using The Word P*ssy (VIDEO)


In case you missed it, Donald Trump — mature and eloquent as ever — recently referred to Ted Cruz as a pussy. His loaded word choice has been getting plenty of attention, and the ladies of “The View” just joined the fray, reports Mediaite. In their discussion, the women raised some important points, but they missed one big one.

While they all agree that Trump’s insult is problematic, each of the women had a slightly different point of view on the issue. Their conversation, which can be watched and listened to below, went as follows:

‘Behar: He retweets things that are vile and he says I didn’t do it. I retweeted it. I didn’t say kitty cat, she did. He’s like a stand-up insult comic, this guy. His campaign stops should have a two drink minimum.

Bure: There’s an app for that, the Donald Trump app, the insult app.

Goldberg: The more I see him, the less I want to see him as president. Because I just sort of feel like, you know, I think if you were to win, you would actually think that people would think this was okay.

Faris: But people do think it’s okay.’

While Bure and Faris’s responses in this case were just witty remarks, the other two hosts’ responses definitely warrant some unpacking.

In her reaction, Joy Behar keeps in mind that this is not the worst thing that Donald Trump has ever done. He started his campaign by calling Mexican immigrants rapists, after all, and he’s said a slew of other, much more hurtful things about people more innocent that Cruz. Trump’s word choice is still problematic, considering the gendered nature of his insult, but we can’t pretend it’s not also just a little bit funny when we consider who it was aimed at — someone equally awful.

Whoopi Goldberg takes the issue a lot more seriously, perhaps too much so. Again, this is not Trump’s worst offense. She also does not take into account that, while Trump may throw around the word pussy, he is the candidate who has tried to exercise the least amount of control over women’s reproductive systems.

Marco Rubio and Chris Christie both have much stronger opinions regarding women’s abortion rights. The things they’ve said about women getting abortions, from Rubio’s belief that it is best to “err on the side of life” rather than a woman’s right to make choices about her own body, to Christie’s fondness for calling abortion “murder,” it seems there are bigger problems out there than Donald Trump acting like a twelve year-old.

Should The Donald refrain from using women’s genitalia as an insulting term? Yes. Should we be more concerned about what the Republican candidates actually want to do with women’s genitalia? Definitely yes.

Watch the clip from “The View” below, courtesy of The View via YouTube.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/ Flickr, available under a Creative Commons license.