WATCH: Seth Meyers BRILLIANTLY Takes Down GOP, No One Is Spared (VIDEO)


The Republican party continuously makes a fool out of themselves and Seth Meyers gives no leeway in pointing out their idiocy. With every appearance, debate, and interview, the Republican party seems more and more like a huge joke is being played on America, and when it comes down to voting on the official ballot, they will drop out of the election with a ‘just kidding.’

Seth Meyers completely destroyed all of the Republican presidential candidates in the most hilarious way yet. From the beginning introductions, to Roboto Rubio, the Trumpertantrum, Bush’s hatred towards Donald Trump and being bullied into silence, and finally into the New Hampshire primaries. Meyers brutally demolished any pride the Republican party may have had left with unique comparisons, amusing anecdotes, and snide remarks.

Seth begins with comparing the 8th debate with a “kindergarten holiday pageant.” It all began when Ben Carson did not hear the announcer call him onto stage and moronically stood and waited while the candidates behind him were called. However, Donald Trump could not let Carson get all of the lime-light and he, too, missed his queue. Seth accurately compared Carson and Trump to the Grady twins from the shining. They’re both idiots, both Republicans, and both perceived as a huge joke.

He goes on to question Carson’s surgical abilities with:

‘Is Ben Carson really a brain surgeon, or did people just start calling him that sarcastically and it just stuck? — Oh yeah, that guy’s a real ‘brain surgeon.’ Your surgery will start any moment, we just need to get Doctor Carson in here.’

Meyers didn’t let Roboto Rubio get away with his short circuit either. He notes Chris Christie was:

‘..accusing Rubio of being too scripted.’

and that…

‘On the debate stage Rubio had a chance to prove everyone wrong but instead did the opposite.’

To which Christie replied:

‘There it is the 25 second memorized speech!’

Everyone is well aware that Jeb Bush has immense hatred towards Donald Trump, like most Americans. He took a stand against Trump’s plans on making a limousine parking lot at one of his casino’s. Trump took offense to this and began to bully Bush into silence. The audience took Bush’s side and Trump went into a full-blow Trumpertantrum and “turned on the audience” claiming the audience was all of Bush’s “donors and special interests.”

The best part of the segment is when Meyers took a jab at Trumps policies. Trump said he would “bring back waterboarding and I’d bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding” to which Meyers responded:

‘What is worse than waterboarding you ask, well Trump gave a hint when discussing his skill at deal making.’

He then played a clip where Trump discussed “you have to get people in, grab ’em, hug ’em, kiss ’em.” I may be speaking for myself and most of America when I say this but I will take waterboarding over being anywhere near Trump’s lips, any day of the week. The Republican debate was a disaster from the start, what more can you expect from a bunch of clowns in suits?

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