Young Republicans Are Interviewed About Donald Trump And Their Stupidity Will Blow Your Mind (VIDEO)


Being constantly fed bullsh*t to a young, developing mind is both harmful for that being and for the rest of America. A group of young conservatives attempt to explain why arrogant, narcissistic, a**hole Donald Trump would win their vote if he was nominated by the Republican party. Many of the answers are complete Republican propaganda.

This group has no idea what these words mean that they are throwing around can’t even tell you what they stand for. At the beginning of the video, one of the kids say in reference to Trump:

“His values align with mine.”

If being a money hungry sleaze is considered having values, then sure, maybe they are similar. However Donald Trump has very limited values. All he seems to care about is money, having sex, disrespecting women, making inappropriate comments about his daughter, and his hair. For a young WOMAN to say her values align with Donald Trump’s is taking a huge leap backwards in America as a nation.

The video continues with statements such as the government not getting “too involved in people’s lives.” Where if you are a woman in the United States, you are well aware that the GOP is against abortions, thus they are getting too involved in people’s lives! If by not getting involved in people’s lives they mean, as long as you completely agree with every rule and regulation we decide on, we will leave you alone, then they are spot on! The next topic brought up is “family values.” The Republican party uses the umbrella term family values as a way of discriminating against gays and taking away their rights and freedoms.

One youth even takes it as far as to say that it is:

“knowing the difference between right and wrong.”

While this is a good point, it does not stand true for Republicans. Every Republican candidate, Donald Trump included, has been caught LYING through their teeth, acting like complete bigoted a**holes, and are known as being blowhard douche-bags. In my book, those are all wrong and apparently they do not know the difference, or they simply do not care.

The most idiotic comment made in the video is:

“The worst Republican is better than the best Democrat.”

I’m not sure where these facts are coming from but it looks as if all of Trumps brainwashing is getting to them. If you want an “unpredictable” president that “is kind of like a reality show” then Trump has your vote! But if you want a president that will get things done, be on top of it, and will improve America, Trump is not the answer!

Watch their ridiculous reasoning for yourself:

Video courtesy of YouTube

Image Source: Cleveland