Anonymous Affiliates Hack North Korea


A group of hackers affiliated with Anonymous hacked some of North Korea’s most prominent websites on Sunday in retaliation for the launch of a ‘satellite’ from the rogue nation. New World Hackers, a group with links to famed hacktivists Anonymous launched the cyber attack in an effort to disrupt North Korea’s communication infrastructure. In an interview with Newsweek, a member of the group stated:

“Our main motive for these attacks was to stop communications between the satellite and the websites, leaving the government wondering why they can’t launch a test, or possibly even a real missile strike at any point in time,”

and that:

“If you attack a site linked to a satellite that constantly updates off of that site, you’re really disrupting something somewhere. We at least slowed down their progress.”

It’s unclear whether their efforts achieved the outcome they were hoping for, but the attacks were successful in taking some of North Korea’s websites offline. The group used a large distributed denial of service attack, or DDoS, to overload the servers hosting the sites. The DDoS attack is a pretty common tactic for hacking groups like New World Hackers and Anonymous. A website and it’s data are housed on a server. When a user logs on to that website, they communicate with the server to download that website’s information from it. Most of the time, servers are designed to handle large amounts of requests.

A DDoS attack works by flooding the website’s server with multiple requests for information every second. Eventually the amount of traffic overwhelms the server’s capacity and the website shuts down. It’s a rather simple but effective way to shut down a site, and doesn’t require any real skill to perform, with ready made tools available to download, giving even the most basic of computers user the ability to join in on these coordinated attacks.

Anonymous and their affiliates are becoming more and more outspoken against those that they believe require punishing. The hacking group have been involved in campaign against Donald Trump, declaring war on him after his outrageous statements about Muslim immigration. They released a statement saying:

“The more United States appears to be targeting Muslims, not just radical Muslims. You can be sure that ISIS would put that up on their social media campaign. Donald Trump, think twice before you speak anything. You have been warned Mr Donald Trump.”

The group then managed to take the Trump Tower NY website down for a few hours using a DDoS attack. The hacktivists also targeted ISIS, taking down an ISIS website and replacing it with an ad that took users to an online pharmaceutical store, giving them the option to buy prozac and viagra. It also came with the message:

“Too many people are into this ISIS-stuff. Please gaze upon this lovely ad so we can upgrade our infrastructure to give you ISIS content you all so desperately crave.”

North Korea insist that the rocket launch was purely to put a satellite into orbit, but other nations are concerned that the country are testing ballistic missile capabilities after the recent advances in their nuclear weapons program. The UN has said that they will be taking punitive steps to against North Korea. In the meantime, let’s be thankful that groups like Anonymous live by some sort of moral code, because imagine the damage they could do if they chose to use their powers for evil.

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