Bernie Sanders On “The View” Asked To Say ONE Nice Thing About Trump And His Response Was PERFECT


Well, our man, Sen. Bernie Sanders jumped straight from a strong New Hampshire Primary win, to Harlem to meet with Rev. Al Sharpton, finally landing on ABC’s talk show “The View.” That’s moving! For part of his appearance, they played a game I love: political word association.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, co-host Candace Cameron Bure challenged Bernie to “say something nice” about his rivals. True to his promise to keep a civilized campaign, Sanders answered “intelligent” to “Hillary Clinton?” Then, he answered “old friend” to “John Kasich?”

But then, it got fun. When Bure asked Bernie to say something nice about Donald Trump, he said, “What can I say?” The audience ate it up, laughing and applauding, but Bure wasn’t about to let the senator off of the hook, “Just one nice thing?”

The women offered Bernie help by shouting Trump hair compliments. I certainly wouldn’t have gone that far, because there is nothing nice to be said about that dead fox the real estate mogul wears on his head.

Finally, Sanders grinned and said, “Humble.” The nicest thing he could think to say about Ted Cruz was, “Loud!” That’s one more nice thing, albeit sarcastic, than I could say about the man-no-one-likes.

Then things got serious, as Bernie called for Michigan Governor Rick Snyder to resign. Snyder is the guy who knowingly poisoned the entire city of Flint by piping caustic water to the water taps to save a few bucks. Sanders said:

‘The irresponsibility there, in terms of what the state government knew and should have done and didn’t do is literally beyond comprehension…It’s an unspeakable tragedy.’

Then, Sanders did what makes people like him. He said what we are all thinking: If the state government isn’t prepared to act, the federal government should step in.

Joy Behar, co-host, asked Sanders about what he thought about former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg threatening to run. Sanders wasn’t shy about his feelings:

‘If the result was that we elected some right-wing Republican as President of the United States… I would hope Mayor Bloomberg would give some thought to that!’

Then, the women asked about Sander’s wife Jane, who was sitting in the audience. Dr. Sanders is a good match for Bernie. She didn’t waste any time taking on Trump for calling Clinton “evil.”

Questioned about the mystery of how someone like Trump could win at the same time as her husband, Jane Sanders said she thought it was all about authenticity:

‘I think they find a … very surface commonality in people saying what they think and not being part of the inside crowd.’

I think she would make a great first lady.

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