Beyonce Does More For The Homeless Than Republicans Have Done In Years


Oh, that terrible Beyonce.

The right-wing punching bag of the week has done more for the homeless of her hometown of Houston, Texas than the GOP has in years. Remember, Texas refers to itself as “the strongest Republican state in the nation,” and in that state, homelessness itself is criminalized.

“Last year the city council of Houston, Texas, passed a law making it illegal to feed the homeless within the city without the permission of property owners.

Yes, in the land of six-guns, cattle rustling and Enron, handing a sandwich to a homeless person in a city park or serving a bowl of soup in a rented storefront can earn you a $500 fine. Some charitable organizations, financially unable to risk the fines, have relocated outside the city.

Last week, Houston police ticketed a homeless man for trying to feed himself by fishing a donut from a trash bin in a public park.”

Beyonce did not make a spectacle of her donation, but the singer, actress, and humanitarian has donated $7 million since 2007 to build the Knowles-Tenemos Apartment complex.

“Knowles-Temenos Place Apartments has space available for 43 individuals, and houses men and women who otherwise would likely be homeless. The facility supports its residents by providing meals, job readiness training, HIV/AIDS screenings and case management services, with an overall goal for residents to reach full self-sufficiency.”

Meanwhile, GOP policies in Houston have criminalized hunger and defunded Planned Parenthood, which affects the homeless more than any other population in the city.

“She’s an incredible human being,” Rev. Rudy Rasmus, who unearthed Beyonce’s selfless donations to the public, told KHOU 11 News. He married Beyonce to rapper Jay-Z in 2008 and has worked personally with the singer in her efforts to help Houston’s homeless. “[She] has an incredible heart and has been extremely helpful in our mission and our ministry here.”

At the same time, a protest against Beyonce is planned for February 16 in front of the NFL offices in New York City. The protest stems from outrage by white viewers offended by Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance, which they claim promoted violence and racism against white people. Beyonce has made no secret of her support of the Black Lives Matter movement since her husband’s $1.5 million contribution to the cause on February 8, the day after the Super Bowl.

Right-wing outrage over Beyonce has already reached fever pitch, but we can expect it to escalate in the face of such awful, horrible actions by the performer by helping those the GOP have abandoned.

Image via Flikr by Jason H. Smith