Fox News And MSNBC Blow It Big


It’s a common occurrence that live TV hosts mispronounce words or get tongue tied, but for two to mispronounce the same word in the same night is golden. Last night two separate hosts on two separate cable channels mispronounced Bernie Sanders name on air.

Megyn Kelly from Fox news referred to Bernie Sanders as Bernie Sandals. She laughed her slip up off by saying:

“sandals…it could catch the summer months.”

After announcing Donald Trump came in first place on the Republican side, Kelly smoothly laughed the comment off and continued on that Bernie Sanders won last night in New Hampshire on the Democratic side. At that time they were still waiting on who came in second for the Republicans.

Chris Hayes then decided he needed to join the party and he, too, butchered Bernie Sanders name. During a live stream for MSNBC, Chris Hayes commented:

‘In both Trumps particularly closing message and railing against pharmaceutical companies and the like and Bernie Sandwiches…’

At this point Hayes knew he f***ed up, he quickly corrected himself with:

‘Sanders messages from the beginning’

These hilarious slip ups are easy to come by, but it is priceless when you have two people from separate networks, talking about the same thing, and making a mistake on the same word. Christopher Hayes then took it to twitter to talk about the mishap and tweeted, “In my defense I was literally watching people being served dinner when I said #berniesandwhiches” it’s okay @chrislhayes, we all get hungry too. Maybe he should spend a little more time eating and less time on his makeup before the next live stream and this wouldn’t happen. As for Megyn Kelly, she was just in shock that she had to announce Donald Trump as the first place winner for the Republican party that she felt she needed a vacation. Either way, the slip-ups gave America a good laugh.

Watch for yourself:

Video courtesy of YouTube

Image Source: Twitter