SLAP DOWN: The Trump Can’t Win With 34 Percent Of The Vote, Economist Says


Okay, so Donald Trump won the New Hampshire primary Tuesday night. Big deal, that doesn’t mean he will be the party’s nominee. How can we be so sure? American economist Austan Goolsbee pointed out that the Trump did not win by a majority. In fact, Trump won only about 34 percent of the votes, and you can’t get the nomination with only a third of the vote.

So why should we listen to Goolsbee, especially when he was talking on Fox’s “The O’Reilly Factor?”

The guy was President Obama’s top advice man on the economy, and our president brought us back from the edge of the economic cliff the Bush administration left for him when he took office. So, Goolsbee must know what he is talking about.

But what does the economy have to do with politics, Trump politics, specifically? Well it all boils down to the numbers game, and Goolsbee knows numbers:

‘You can’t get the nomination with 34 percent.’

Of course, Goolsbee did say that Trump holds a major advantage:

‘There’s a huge advantage when it starts coming to the Super Tuesdays, in which we have a series of them, with six, eight, ten primaries on the same day, for somebody who already has national name recognition.’

‘He doesn’t have to build the ground game. These other guys are going to be struggling to try to get their name on the front page or build out field offices and he starts with an advantage there.’

‘But other candidates, like former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio may still win their own states, Goolsbee pointed out. That’s the recipe for a contested convention.’

Goolsbee was also a guest of Bill O’Reilly in December. The show’s host suggested that the president’s “failures are driving [Donald] Trump’s success.” Goolsbee fought back, insisting that Trump’s extreme positions come from a desire to:

‘…get attention, and he’s got to keep out-doing himself.’

But O’Reilly said that just 33 percent of the American people approved of how the president handled ISIS, and the host argued that:

‘Trump couldn’t get any traction at all if the country wasn’t so angry.’

Then O’Reilly challenged the economist:

‘Alright doc, take a deep breath will you? When President Nixon resigned, 33 percent of the people didn’t want him to, okay? That’s rock bottom for any president.’

‘Thirty-three percent of people support Obama and his strategy for ISIS. Sixty-four percent do not! That is a colossal loss.’

Goolsbee argued back that O’Reilly was playing with the numbers, that he should be looking at how many people oppose the president:

‘Bill, you’re being misleading, you’re being misleading. You’re saying one-third of the people support him, but if you look at what percentage absolutely oppose him, it is also a small number.’

O’Reilly went on to say that it’s “fact” that voters are making “an anti-Obama play:”

‘We don’t like him, and we want to get someone to sweep him out and repudiate everything he does.’

It looks as if Trump just may not be the one to sweep President Obama out of office.

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