WATCH LIVE: FBI SWARMS Compound At Refuge In Oregon, Armed Incident Unfolding


At this moment, it appears the feds have moved in on the militants who have been holding out at the Malheur Wildlife refuge in Burns, Oregon, for over a month now. The FBI has encircled the four remaining occupiers at the Oregon wildlife refuge. Agents in armored vehicles are demanding they surrender, according to Les Zaitz with Oregon Live.

David Fry, a 27-year-old from Cincinnati has been told to put his weapon down. Instead, shouting can be heard such as, “You let HIllary continue to run for President. You’re terrorists!”

The woman inside the encampment can be heard saying ‘they are getting closer.” A possible negotiator can be heard trying to politely calm the militants down, with one the holdouts screaming, “We’re not slaves! They’re trying to take our guns!”

“I swear to god we won’t shoot first,” one the militants tells the feds.

The patriot groups who promised to join them have decided against it.

David Fray is losing his mind at the moment.


“You killed my brother!” another militant yells referring to LaVoy Finicum, another occupier who was shot down by the authorities when it appeared he reached for his pocket where he had a loaded weapon.

The woman in the encampment can be heard screaming, “Cliven Bundy is supposed to come here tomorrow!”

Another man can be heard demanding that they “call Reverend Franklin Graham!” Occupiers are now warning the feds not to come in after they saw their lights were dimmed. Fry yells out, “You still got your headlights on!”

Fear and paranoia has taken over the encampment, with nonsensical rhetoric being screamed at the feds. Franklin Graham’s name keeps popping up the conversations.

Now the woman is yelling at the feds that they have Michele Fiore, the tea party Nevada assemblywoman, on the phone. Fiore asks to speak to the FBI while the militants are swearing that they won’t’ fire first.

Featured Image: patches on the sleeve of a militiaman is seen at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge via Al Jazeera.