Watch: Ted Cruz’s New Ad Features Donald Trump As A CREEPY-ASS Doll (VIDEO)


Despite his Iowa win, Texas Senator Ted Cruz is apparently taking his New Hampshire loss pretty hard. His new campaign ad proves that he just keeps getting more and more pathetic. Now he’s manipulating children in order to win their parents’ votes, reports Addicting Info.

The 45-second ad, which might be his biggest jab at The Donald yet, features two young children playing together. A third child enters the room and proclaims that he just got the new “Donald Trump action figure.” The doll’s greatest feature? Pretending to be a Republican.

The boys playing in the ad make cheesy remarks about Donald Trump, including talking about him liking “bailouts for the banks” and donating to Democrats. Hillary Clinton also makes an appearance in doll form in this ad when the boys talk about her being paid by Trump to be his friend. This particular jab is a reference to Trump claiming that Clinton attended his wedding simply because he donated money to her Foundation.

The creators of the ad also make a reference to the time Trump tried to tear down an elder Atlantic City woman’s home in order to create a parking lot for limos. In the ad, the boys come together, their toys joining forces with Donald Trump’s doll, to destroy a large dollhouse. The boy with the Trump dolls declares, “I’m going to take your house with eminent domain and park my limos there!” The boys then all begin to chant, “Eminent domain!”

The ad ends with two concerned parents peeking around the corner and watching in horror as their children play. A narrator then asks the viewers:

‘We wouldn’t tolerate these values in our children. Why would we want them in a president?’

We’re all for bashing Donald Trump, but Ted Cruz certainly doesn’t have a lot of room to talk. We wouldn’t tolerate his values in our children, either. We get that Trump is probably Cruz’s biggest competition right now, and he has certainly done plenty of things that warrant criticism, but did he have to get the children involved? Hearing them chant “eminent domain” is more disturbing than the doll!

Watch the ad below, courtesy of Ted Cruz via YouTube.

Featured image is a screenshot.