Bernie Sanders’ Bold Plan For Revolution, In Appearance With Devil’s Advocate Stephen Colbert (VIDEO)


I knew it! Stephen Colbert, as in “Late Night With…” is a Bernie Sanders fan! This was obvious when the Vermont Senator walked on, right in the middle of Colbert’s introduction, right after a landslide win in New Hampshire. Bernie virtually took over. What I like about Bernie’s appearance is that he doesn’t just show up for a brief walk-on. He’s there at the beginning, during Ben Stiller’s guest shot, and at the end, when he and Colbert dance the Tango. Okay, okay, it was a verbal Tango.

Stephen Colbert, a great devil’s advocate, addressed the issues that Hillary Clinton and the Republicans will try to hammer Sanders on during the campaign. Bernie talks a lot about his revolution, which makes some people uneasy, so Colbert dove right into it by quoting President John F. Kennedy:

‘Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.’

Sanders, who was arrested protesting for civil rights when he was in college, didn’t even take a breath before explaining exactly what he meant about revolution:

‘What the goal of this campaign is about is to look at the Civil Rights Movement, look at the women’s movement, look at the gay movement, understand that when people come together we can accomplish enormous things. But I think what people are saying is enough is enough. We need fundamental changes in our political system and our economic system.’

Then, Colbert brought up Clinton’s criticism that he is making promises that he cannot fulfill, for example, single-payer healthcare. Politicians seem to conveniently forget that President Obama’s original plan was also single-payer, until that was dropped, in order to get the bill passed. Sanders said:

‘The question is, do we have the ability to stand up to the private insurance companies and the drug companies? I believe that when people are aroused, when they’re organized, when they’re prepared to stand up and fight back, yes, we can take on the drug companies and the insurance companies.’

Sanders is about bringing change to the country: infrastructure updates and the jobs that will generate, wage equality, free college, student loan safeguards, a protected Social Security, bringing back the middle class, and shattering a prison system that predominately warehouses people of color.

Thinking outside of the box is exactly how we get there. Sanders said:

‘We used to have a segregated society. African-Americans couldn’t go to schools, couldn’t drink at water fountains. Millions of people stood together and said, ‘Hey, enough is enough. That is not what America is supposed to be about.’

Bernie isn’t running for himself. He is running for us, at a time when our country is teetering on the edge of a cliff that could easily plunge us into oligarchy. That horror story would be our country ruled by a few billionaires who own global corporations, these few whose only commitment is to sucking every last cent out of our economy.

Go Bernie!

Watch Bernie on Colbert below:

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