DISCRIMINATION: Black Professor EJECTED From Trump Rally Because Of His Appearance (VIDEO)


Donald Trump has a seriously hard time hiding his dislike for anyone who is not Caucasian. Tuesday, his campaign let the world know once again that he has no problem racially profiling the people who attend his speeches. It makes his coddled White ass feel safer, despite being surrounded by members of the secret service.

A Black professor has now come forward saying that he and a friend were thrown out of a rally in Clemson, South Carolina on Tuesday after being allowed into the venue by security. Professor Chenjerai Kumanyika says that he remained calm and collected the entire time, he certainly wasn’t heckling, but when he stood from his seat, he was immediately harassed by law enforcement and secret service members who hastily ejected the men from the rally for absolutely no reason.

Now, you may think that this sounds a bit weird; two Black men quietly sitting in the back of an auditorium when they are physically thrown out for doing nothing but listening to the speech. However, the professor just so happened to be wearing a head scarf commonly worn by people of Middle Eastern descent.

The professor says this:

‘I stood peacefully observing Trump’s speech I remained quiet and calm the entire time I was there and never spoke to anyone other than A.D.. Eventually, several police officers dressed in military gear grabbed my arm and told me to leave the venue immediately.’

After being asked to leave, the professor begins recording. In the video you can hear him saying this to police:

‘I’m leaving, I’m not arguing with you. I just want to know why.’

Once outside of the venue, the officer tells him why he was ejected:

‘The Trump campaign or the Trump people said that you are no longer welcome.’

To which the professor asks:

‘So, it’s not you?’

The officer then clearly responds:


Watch the video below, courtesy of Facebook:

“The Trump Campaign said You are No Longer Welcome Here”Earlier tonight, A.D. Carson and I were kicked out of a Trump rally in Clemson South Carolina

Posted by Chenjerai Kumanyika on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Featured Image via Facebook