Donald Trump Breaks Fox News


Donald Trump has finally done something positive in his campaign of doom for the Presidency. Having upset Megyn Kelly, who Fox are positioning as their newest network star, network faces a bit of a conundrum. The New York Magazine spoke to insiders over at Fox News:

Inside Fox there is confusion about what role the network should play in this altered media ecosystem going forward. According to three insiders I spoke to, the channel’s hosts and producers are split over how to cover Trump. Historically, in moments like this, the strategy would be clear: Punish the person who publicly crosses Fox. But network boss Ailes has tried that, and Trump not only survived the PR assaults, including one last month, but he seems to have emerged stronger than ever. The situation is even more dire because Marco Rubio, a favorite of many high-profile voices at the network, fared badly in the New Hampshire primary, only a few days after political analysts were floating the possibility that he might even beat Trump. Tuesday night, Fox’s pundit class had to accept that his robotic performance during ABC’s debate may have destroyed his candidacy. Charles Krauthammer even compared it to Ed Muskie’s 1972 implosion.

In fact, Ailes’s bigger problem this week is not Trump. It’s figuring out how to broker peace between Fox’s biggest stars, Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly. According to sources, the prime-time hosts are at war, in part over Kelly’s Trump-fueled stardom.

It’s going to be difficult for Fox to reconcile their point of view on who to support for the Presidency now, after their preferred candidate, Marco ‘Souless Robot’ Rubio pretty much destroyed any hope he had of becoming the Republican candidate at the last GOP debate. Fox have nobody but themselves to blame for Rubio’s disastrous performance. He’s obviously running on an older operating system and did the human equivalent of a blue screen. Nobody from Fox helped him out, despite knowing all he needed was turning off and turning back on again.

It’s a bit of a sticky wicket for Fox News, who usually have the full support of the Republican candidates, being such an integral part of the right wing rhetoric. Trump however seems to have the capability to upset Fox News and come out unscathed, in fact, come out on top. It’s a difficult one to wrap your head around if you’re not a Republican. On the one hand, Fox News losing influence can only be a good thing. On the other, what does it say about the Trump campaign that he can break free from such powerful Republican allies and not lose out? It’s a scary thought. In an even more sickening and disturbing twist, Fox are standing by Megyn Kelly and her disgust at Trump’s sexist attitude. Fox News are actually taking a moral stand against bigotry. When they start advocating for gun control, we all need to be scared!

If you’ve forgotten just why Megyn Kelly and Fox News are at odds with Trump, here’s a handy reminder video: