Hillary Clinton’s Twitter Manager Does Some Epic Trolling


Poor poor Marco Rubio is never gonna live that debate down, but at least whoever is in control of Hillary Clinton’s Twitter knows exactly what he (or she) is doing.

Bernie Sanders told MSNBC on Wednesday evening that he intends to close the “presidential leadership gap” between the American people and congress, and criticized Barack Obama for not doing the same. Sanders elaborated on his point.

There’s a huge gap right now between Congress and the American people. What presidential leadership is about is closing that gap…

Hillary Clinton’s got a social media manager with a sharp with though. Late Thursday morning, this tweet appeared on her Twitter feed.

And in one fell swoop, Bernie gets countered and Rubio gets (appropriately) mocked. Perhaps Clinton’s social media manager meant to point out that Obama may not have been the perfect bridge between the people and our deadlocked congress, but that fact wasn’t entirely his fault. After all, the alarmist, racist rhetoric of the right in this country is disturbingly prevalent. Or maybe whoever is in control of Hillary’s twitter account wants to call attention to the fact that Obama broke 50-year voter turnout records in 2008.

Whatever the case is, I still feel a little sorry for Rubio. It’s like somebody told him at some point that he has to “stay on message”, but he wasn’t creative enough to come up with various ways to say the same thing. The result was the massive embarrassment at the last Republican debate that may have cost him the nomination, the video of which is below in case you missed it.

Bad form, Rubio. Bad form. If you’d handled yourself a little better, we’d get to be a little less scared of the orange-haired lunatic who’s been studying Hitler