Ohio Governor John Kasich To Defund Planned Parenthood For This Awful Reason


Ohio Governor John Kasich often comes across as the least insane of the GOP Primary candidates. Whenever I’ve had the chance to watch the clown-car Primary debates, the governor does an admirable job on some occasions. He often presents himself as the most rational voice in the pack, which is otherwise stuffed with bigots and charlatans at every corner.

There have even been occasions where the governor came across as surprisingly compassionate. His response to Megyn Kelly’s question about gay marriage, for example, was widely praised even by liberal commentators back in August. His reputation as an “anti-Trump” was likely what gave him the momentum he needed to make a strong second place showing in New Hampshire on Tuesday.

Unfortunately, the American people can not afford to kid themselves too much about Governor Kasich. Despite his ability to seemingly set himself apart from the insanity of the other leading GOP candidates, Kasich is also very rabidly right-wing on many key issues. One of these issues is reproductive rights.

On Wednesday, the Ohio legislature passed a bill to defund Planned Parenthood. Guess who was one of the most eager to sign it into law? John Kasich! The “rational republican” of the GOP primary himself couldn’t wait to put the seal of approval on this awful piece of legislation. And now thousands of Ohio women will have to suffer as a result.

And for what? Apparently Ohio lawmakers have been swayed by a fake video claiming that the organization was selling aborted “baby parts”. The problem with the “baby parts” video though is that has long since been outed as complete bullsh*t. A rational person does not approve of state-wide legislation based on complete bullsh*t.

In spite of all this bullsh*t, however, the governor has vowed to approve the bill as the head of Ohio’s executive branch. Why though? Why is the so-called “rational republican” making a sweeping decision like this based on the steamiest, smelliest, lumpiest, grass-fed, grade-A bullsh*t you can find in this election cycle? When an Iowa voter asked Kasich why he planned to sign the bill, he told the voter:

‘If they want to raise money they can still do it. I’m going to sign a bill to defund it, so you shouldn’t be confused.’

Needless to say, the voter was still confused. Others tried to press the governor more on the issue, asking him if he was aware of all the other services Planned Parenthood provides for women. Kasich simply told the voters, “we’re done,” before he walked away, leaving much more to be answered.

The consequences of Governor Kasich’s decision could prove disastrous for many Ohioans in a variety of ways. NARAL Pro-Choice America Ohio Executive Director Kellie Copeland told Think Progress the following:

‘We know Gov. Kasich and his allies in the legislature have a clear agenda to stop safe and legal abortion in Ohio. This legislation shoots past that terrible goal and creates unthinkable collateral damage. Their crusade to punish Planned Parenthood for no good reason will impact thousands of Ohioans who go to city and county health departments for HIV tests, breast and cervical cancer screenings, and medical care to have a healthy pregnancy.’

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons