Priceless! Ted Cruz Pulls Campaign Ad When He Finds Out Who His ‘Conservative’ Star Is (VIDEO)


Ted Cruz created a campaign ad that is not even as odd as the rest of his ads, so what made him pull this one?

In the ad, a support group of conservatives have gathered to discuss their struggles of having been lied to by…someone. A man complains that he voted for a Tea Party hero who then went to the White House and colluded with those evil democrats to “cut a deal on amnesty.” He is clearly devastated that immigrants were not thrown out of his white America.

Then, the pretty, blonde woman sitting next to him admonishes him to “vote for more than just a pretty face next time.” Another man, wearing a Marco Rubio shirt, then joins the group and the point is made that Rubio may be a “Tea Party hero,” but he’s really in collusion with Democrats to keep immigrants in the country. After all, he is one. So is Cruz, but that’s different, of course.

The ad isn’t as odd as his very strange ad in which we saw him coach his family through a video shoot. So what was the problem with this one?

Ted Cruz Campaign Pulls Ad After Learning Actress Was a Porn Star

That’s right. That pretty, blonde conservative lady, the one who knew to vote for Ted Cruz and not “a pretty face,” is a porn star. Amy Lindsay has starred in such thought-provoking films as “Kinky Sex Club,” “Milf,” “Carnal Wishes,” “Animal Lust,” “Insatiable Obsession,” and “Sex Spa II.”

When she’s not busy voting for the man sent to earth to show us “the face of God,” Amy likes to spend her time hanging out with the most famous face in porn, Ron Jeremy.

Steve Guest of The Daily Caller was the first to recognize the actress, but the ad was pulled before he could publish the story. Amy Lindsay responded to the ad being pulled.

“In an interview with BuzzFeed, Lindsay said that she did not do hardcore porn and had appeared in other non-erotic films too. Lindsay said she is a Christian conservative who is deciding between Cruz and Donald Trump for president.”

Well, that should cheer Cruz up: he hasn’t even locked down the porn star vote yet.


Featured image screenshot via Mediaite.