Stop EVERYTHING And Listen To This ‘Feel The Bern’ Remake Of ‘Tiny Dancer’ RIGHT NOW (VIDEO)


Folks feeling the Bern may have already seen images of Bernie Sanders with the iconic David Bowie lightning jag across his face after the “Suffragette City” star passed away, but now it’s time for Sanders to undergo an Elton John make-over in this soon to be loved spoof on “Tiny Dancer,” “Hold Me Closer, Bernie Sanders,” by husband and wife New York duo, Mel Flannery and Danny Sher.

Flannery and Sher teamed up with a handful of friends to record the fun remake, calling the group “Punned It”—ba-dump-bump. While the nation was tied-up watching the Super Bowl, these folks got together and recorded the tune in hopes of releasing it after the New Hampshire primary, and they did just that. Flanner stated, “We wanted to give those feeling the Bern something to celebrate with,” and they sure did. The way the nation has been feeling the Bern, especially in New Hampshire, one can picture all these Sanders fans slow dancing with an imaginary Bernie in their arms, savoring the bitter-sweet, yet triumphant melancholy the song invokes in light of the soon to follow super-delegate fiasco essentially granting Clinton a tie with Sanders in New Hampshire despite the pummeling she received from the voters, themselves.

Take a listen to the song, yourself, to get a load of the tongue-in-cheek lyrics, and while you do, consider what other candidates out there on the political field elicit such enthusiasm from their supporters. What candidate, other than Bernie Sanders, has seen voters organizing to literally march in the streets in order to show their support for their beloved candidate? What other candidate, besides Bernie Sanders, has voters writing songs in their honor?

When she’s not busy writing songs about Bernie Sanders, Flannery plays in a “cover band for hipsters” called Mixtape, as well as leading the band, Mel Flannery Trucking Co. Flannery says the pair got the idea after a Mixtape gig when Sher started singing along with “Tiny Dancer,” but subbing in lines about Sanders during the chorus. It didn’t take long to see the amusement it gave those around them, pointing the way to their latest project. Flannery stated:

‘It’s a tribute to both Bernie and Elton John and made out of love and adoration for both.’

Surely, Elton John cannot take issue with a simple rewrite of his song after he changed “Candle In The Wind” around for Lady Diana, and who knows? In this crazy world, you just never know if Elton John feels enough of the Bern, himself, to perform the dynamic duo’s version of his tune for Sanders’ campaign. Wouldn’t that be something?

Featured image via YouTube screen capture.