WATCH: Donald Trump Looking Out For America, Promises To EVADE TAXES If Possible (VIDEO)


In a surprising moment of arrogance and stupidity in a campaign that has otherwise been known for it’s well thought out and often understated rhetoric, Donald Trump made an out of character remark in an interview with NBC. Trump must have still been a little drunk from his New Hampshire celebrations, when he admitted to Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie that he didn’t enjoy paying taxes. Well Donald, you’re not alone. Have a look at Trump’s admission here:

Trump, being the big dolt that he is (I don’t say big dolt lightly, he has also made tax evasion statements before, in an interview with CBS’ Face The Nation:

“I fight like hell to pay as little as possible for two reasons. Number one, I’m a businessman. And that’s the way you’re supposed to do it. The other reason is that I hate the way our government spends our taxes. I hate the way they waste our money. Trillions and trillions of dollars of waste and abuse. And I hate it.”

Trump is obviously an excellent businessman, he’s a billionaire who has found success (if you’re willing to overlook his bankruptcies) despite being afflicted by a rare condition that means his mouth isn’t connected in any way to his brain. But his acumen for the business world does not make him a suitable candidate for the Presidency. He makes it all the more obvious every time he opens his mouth and says something like I don’t like to pay taxes, or I’ll kick ISIS’ ass, or any of the other nonsense he speaks.

Donald, you shouldn’t be trying to evade taxes. You should be doing the right thing; ending this charade and using your resources to support one of the candidates who actually has a chance of winning, of really “making America great again” one who doesn’t prance around like a cartoon character mindlessly spouting gibberish to anyone that will listen in a vain attempt to convince the voting public that well thought out and sensible policies can be replaced with bluster and mayhem. Nobody likes a bragger or a blowhard, and eventually this bravado and machismo will just be a tiresome act that people remember with amusement during Bernie’s first term in office.


Featured Image Via Popdust