Oregon Man Faces Murder Charges For Beating Muslim Boss To Death With Shovel (VIDEO)


Horrid news out of Oregon. A Portland man has allegedly beaten an 68-year-old Muslim man to death with a shovel, according to the Oregonian.

Twenty-seven-year-old Michael Troxell is currently being held without bail over the grisly murder of Abdul Jamil Kamawal, who had hired Troxell for a bit of construction work on his property. Authorities state they responded to a 911 call indicating a man was under attack by someone with a shovel. When they arrived on the scene, Kamawal was buried in straw, alive, but quickly succumbed to his injuries and passed away.

While law enforcement states they have not yet discovered the absolute cause of Kamawal’s death, all signs point toward the shovel, apparently wielded by Troxell. Consequently, Troxell was taken “downtown,” where he awaits whatever music he may be facing, without bail, at the Washington County Jail.

According to reports, Troxell and Kamawal were strangers to each other. It was merely a work relationship centered on Kamawal’s hiring Troxell for some construction work on his property. So far, no motive has been made clear for the deadly altercation.

In the wake of the tragic murder, Kamawal is being described by his community as a “pillar” of that community. Those closest to Kamawal are torn apart with grief over the matter, stating he was “the type of person you could ask for anything.” He had worked as a survey technician for Washington County for 22 years before retiring. He also helped refugees settle in the area. In addition, Kamawal helped folks from his homeland in Afghanistan by founding a couple non-profit organizations for that purpose. So far, no testaments to Troxell’s character have been shared.

Former employer, the Washington County Department of Land Use and Transportation, issued a statement following news of Kamawal’s murder, stating:

‘He often went back to Afghanistan help rebuild his home village of Kama, and he founded two non-profit organizations – the Afghan Aid Association and the Oregon-based Kama Relief Corp. Both organizations are dedicated to rebuilding lives and communities in Afghanistan. Employees are speaking about how kind Jamil was; former coworkers have said that working with Jamil made them better, kinder people.’

No word has been issued as to whether or not the murder of Abdul Jamil Kamawal will be considered a hate crime.

Featured image via KGW video screen capture.