Former Tea Party Candidate Arrested With AR-15, Handgun, Knife And Ski Mask


A woman who once ran for the New York Senate was arrested Thursday night in Niagara Falls after police found an AR-15,  a handgun, a knife and black ski mask in her car. Naturally, a donation page has been set up by pro-gunners. You knew that was coming.

Gia Arnold, who once had strong tea party support in 2014 (and apparently still does considering the donation page) was arrested, along with 18-year-old Halim Johnson after an AR-15, a handgun, a combat knife, and a black ski mask were found in her car when she was pulled over in Niagara Falls, according to WKBW. That’s a lot of weapons for ‘self-defense.’

Johnson, like Arnold, is also charged with third degree criminal possession of an assault weapon.

According to police reports, when police officers approached the car, they said Johnson “appeared very nervous and stuttered while speaking to (them).” Johnson told the officers he was nervous because, “I’m going to court for a case I got already and I don’t want to go to jail again.”

As the officers continued to question Johnson, Arnold began interrupting them, demanding to know why he was being questioned when he was in the car and he told the cops he had previously been arrested on a drug possession charge, the Union-Sun & Journal reports.

Police said that Arnold and Johnson kept attempting to move their hands towards the bottom of their seats and bottom of the center console area.

As the officers first approached the car, the two were “moving around (in the front seat) and reaching towards the center console area.”

Instead of keeping their hands in plain view as the officers ordered, Arnold once more interrupted the questioning and interfered with efforts by one of the officers to speak with Johnson, according to police.

Police said that as they told Arnold she was “under arrest for obstruction,” they took her out of the car and found an AR-15 rifle by the side of her seat and a high capacity ammunition magazine lying on the seat where she had been sitting.

When officers took Johnson out of the vehicle, they found a black handgun, wrapped in a red bandana, in the driver’s side door cup-holder, police reports said, according to the Union Sun & Journal.


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Here it comes.

So far, $3,215 has been raised for her defense fund on a donation site, which reads in part, “On Feb 10th Gia Arnold and her boyfriend became victims of the NYS (UN)Safe Act and racial profiling.”

That bit about “racial profiling” is adorable since tea partiers are all about profiling minorities.

“We are asking all patriots to Rally behind her and help her get out of this horrid mess,” it continues.

The site’s plea even mentions the shit storm of faux patriotism we all witnessed during the armed takeover of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon.

“When Gia said they would no longer answer questions (a right protected by the Constitution) she was arrested for “Obstructing the duty of a Government Official” (sound like Oregon anyone?).”

The problem here is that you can’t call it ‘free speech’ when you take over a federal building while terrifying a small town just because you can’t get your way.

Talking Points Memo reports:

Arnold, then 24, ran as a Republican with strong Tea Party backing in the 2014 62nd District New York Senate race. But she suspended her campaign after making public that she had an extramarital affair just two weeks earlier.

“I had an affair on August 1st and four days later I left my husband,” she said about the decision to halt campaigning.

Arnold later jumped back in the race, saying she received an outpouring of support from constituents, but was handily defeated in the race.

According to Johnson’s Facebook page, the 18-year-old is indeed, her boyfriend. If she doesn’t like the gun laws in her state she should have just moved instead of not complying. She’s not so special that laws do not apply to her and her very young boyfriend.

Image: Mugshot.