Scalia’s Death Was Just Announced, GOP Senate Staffer Already Vows To Block Any Obama Replacement


Just moments after news sources reported that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead in Texas of natural causes, Conn Carroll, a key staffer for Senator Mike Lee (R-UT), vowed that Republicans would block anyone that Obama nominated.

Scalia’s body isn’t even buried yet, and we can see how grief stricken Conservatives are after their religious-right hero died suddenly at the age of 79.

The morally bankrupt staffer tweeted, “If anything this will put a full stop to all Obama judicial nominees going forward.”

B…but it’s the liberals’ fault!

He just kept going. It was probably just his way of dealing with the grief (wink wink).

Ironically, the last tweet he sent out just before publishing this post reads, “CNN and Fox News are both talking about the politics of Scalia’s death. OMG. The monsters.”

More irony: Carroll’s Twitter bio states that he is the Communications Director for Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT).

It’s not just Carroll. Mitch McConnell weighed in, too.

The longest it has ever taken to confirm a Supreme Court nominee is 125 days and the average time it takes is 73 days. Obama has 361 days left in office.

President Obama has dealt with an unprecedented amount of obstruction but with a presidential election around the corner, things are going to get even uglier.

The Constitution allows broad parameters for the judicial nomination process. The responsibility for nominating federal judges and justices is given to the President – and not Sen. Lee’s staffer. Lee is a tea party backed elected official and they excel at stomping their feet in order to get their way.

It also requires nominations to be confirmed by the Senate. Expect stalling, delays and dirty tricks.  The next nominated Supreme Court Justice could tip the scales from a Conservative court to a more liberal one.

An appointed Justice holds a lifelong position to determine important issues such as healthcare, labor unions, national security, campaign finance, gun rights, marriage, abortion, and a list of other important issues.

The Supreme Court’s decisions have major ramifications for Americans so vote wisely.

H/T: Think Progress.