SHOCKER: See Employees Caught On Cell During Announcement Of Carrier Air Conditioner Move To Mexico


It is bad. It is really bad, when you hear the words that are fatal to your security, words that shake the foundation of your life. But hey, they tell you, it isn’t personal. It’s just business. Just business? I don’t think so. When Carrier Air Conditioner and all the other manufacturing jobs have been sucked south of the U.S. border, who the hell is going to buy their products?

Carrier Air Conditioning is moving most of its operations to Monterrey, Mexico, and president Chris Nelson had the nerve to tell all of its 1400 employees that their upcoming move was, “by no means a reflection on you.” Then he went on to say that he expected them to continue building the same high-quality product until the plant totally closed. An employee caught his words on his cell phone.

It really pisses me off when companies gain from Mexico’s lower wages and cost of living to justify moving manufacturing and distribution centers. Of course, they are going to save money when there are nearly 19 pesos to one U.S. dollar. That means Carrier will pay its Mexican employees nearly 20 times less than their counterparts up here.

All that companies are really doing is taking unfair advantage of another country’s cost of living. When I lived in Mexico, a four-star hotel room cost about $50 a night. The guys from the states, that I worked with, would order a steak as big as their plate plus appetizers, plus drinks, plus dessert. Guess what it cost them? $10. That’s right, ten little ones. The same thing here would run about $200.

So how on God’s green earth are we supposed to compete? NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agreement) is a huge failure for our people. Big corporations, on the other hand, have cleaned up. I get so tired of the money makers trying to wring every last cent out of our economy, leaving us the crumbs of an existence.

People say that an oligarchy (a country run by a very small group of special interests) is coming. I would have to say that it is already here. They buy the elections, and congress only asks how high the money interests want them to jump.

We are all sick of our infrastructure crumbling, the dumbing down and inaccessibility of our education system, and the lack of good jobs. But we have the opportunity to change this, by voting all legislators out of office, unless they have a history of voting for us. Plus, we need to buy products made in the U.S.A.

Do we want a president who is qualified to lead what is, or do we want Bernie Sanders, who is qualified to lead us into a better world? The situation is beyond dire.

Watch what happened as the Carrier Air Conditioner people were told:

Featured Image: Screengrab from the video.

H/T: CNN Money.