NUCLEAR OPTION: To Force Obama Nominee, Democrats May Do Something VERY Controversial


The Republican presidential candidates have the nerve to say President Obama should abdicate replacing Justice Antonin Scalia. But if not, the Republican legislative leaders threaten to block anyone and everyone Obama puts before them. You would think that they might wait a few hours after hearing the news of Justice Antonin Scalia’s death to start being jackals, but apparently not.

Nothing can force the Republican Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell to allow a vote on the president’s choice. In fact, McConnell could delay a vote until Obama is out of office. The GOP hates our president so much, that they blindly block everything Obama wants, like lemmings going, one after the other, over a cliff.

So, would pressure from the media or from the public move McConnell? Not, likely. Remember who dubbed the media “lame,” and since when have the Republicans voted for something that would help us?

After the Republicans beat the filibusters to death, Senate Democrats eliminated the use of filibusters for most presidential appointments. A filibuster is when legislators literally shut down the whole place, until they get their way, but for some reason, Democratic senators kept the filibuster in place for the Supreme Court appointees.That means, the Republicans could lock down the legislature, even for a Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton Supreme Court pick.

That way, the court would only have eight justices. The GOP certainly would rather have a split court [four conservatives and four liberals] than one with five liberals.

But the Democrats should use their strength to force the Republicans to move the president’s choice onto the bench. First, we have to make sure that Democrats take the senate in the 2016 election, which is a real possibility. Then Chuck Schumer, who is retiring Democratic leader Harry Reid’s replacement, will have to go “full thermonuclear.” What’s that? Well, it means blasting the filibuster to kingdom come.

Then, the next Democratic president would nominate a candidate, and the Democratic-dominated senate would confirm the president’s choice with 50 votes, and the vice president using his or her vote to break the tie.

If Schumer doesn’t threaten the Republicans now, McConnell could delay until infinity plus one. McConnell knows that Republicans are not popular, for the very reason, that they obstruct the president. That means, they could lose the senate.

But Schumer needs to step up to the plate now, and make his case to McConnell. After all, McConnell has to know things could go really badly for him. Let’s hope Schumer takes his advantage now, before he loses it.

Something else that could occur is that the senate could treat the filibuster as it was originally designed. It was set up so that people had to stay on the floor and talk. When they couldn’t go on any longer, the filibuster was over.

Then the senate changed the rules, so that a person could just say, “I filibuster,” and that magically makes it so.

If people had to skip the liquids, pack carbohydrates, and wear comfortable shoes, then they might not take filibusters so lightly.

Featured Image: Peter Stevens, Creative Commons.

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