Say What?! The Newest Obama Conspiracy Theory Is One You Have Got To See To Believe!


The passing of Justice Scalia on February 13 brought out some very strange reactions among the GOP. Most notably, GOP leaders were especially quick to politicize their hero’s death. This was surprising, but not necessarily shocking. Most of us probably expected it but were annoyed and found it crass when it actually happened.

Some of us joked that crazy right-wingers would probably try to figure out a way to blame Obama for Justice Scalia’s death…but no one actually could have predicted the insanity of that conspiracy theory as it all went down.

Honestly, you have to wonder sometimes how these people are able to stay alive considering their ignorance. Do they have people to help them cross the street?

Justice Antonin Scalia was a 79-year-old man who grew more than a little overweight as he aged. It is incredibly common for a man of his age and weight to have cardiac episodes and heart diseases.

Of course, that probably just makes entirely too much sense for these people. Facts are not exactly their strong suit.


Featured image via Flikr by Vivi Barros