‘SNL’ Rocks Kate McKinnon-As-Hillary Clinton Exquisitely In The Cold Open (VIDEO)


Saturday Night Live” perfectly captured how younger Democrats feel about Hillary Clinton, and she rocks. Their hearts say ‘”NO!” and no matter what she does, she isn’t going to grab their votes. “SNL’s” cold open walks us into a political conversation among four young people out to dinner. As the diners debated, Hillary (played by Kate McKinnon) lowered from the ceiling, sitting in a flower garlanded swing, in her ever-present pant suit, singing loudly, “I can’t make you love me.”

She appears like the ghost of Christmas past, fawning over the diners (Aidy Bryant, Taran Killam, Kyle Mooney, Vanessa Bayer, and Cecily Strong), holding Killam’s face, running her hands over his body. The people don’t see her.

After Clinton left, Bayer asked:

‘Did anyone else get cold for a minute?’

Mooney chimed in:

‘I felt cold, but safe.’

On Clinton’s campaign trail, I was impressed, but not positively, when former secretary of state Madeleine Albright told us that if we didn’t vote for the only woman running for president, we would go to hell.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather go to hell, than follow Albright’s marching orders. Then Gloria Steinem said we were just following the boys to Bernie’s camp. Steinem! What were you thinking? That’s a major sexist no-no!

Returning to the skit, Clinton then launched herself onto a white grand piano, where former president Bill Clinton, (played by the brilliant Darrell Hammond), was tickling the ivories…and playing the piano. Hillary, in the meantime was trying to vamp on top of the piano, quite unsuccessfully.

Then Hammond-as-Bill said:

‘Guess what? I’m not even playing this thing.’

Bill was having a ball, but he touched upon the core of his relationship with Hillary:

‘Like her…for my sake.’

OMG, don’t you know how horrid Hillary would be, if she lost the nation to Bernie? I saw her after she lost just New Hampshire, and it wasn’t pretty. I suspect Bill would have to move into his Harlem foundation office and hide under his desk.

Back at the restaurant, one of the diners said:

‘I’ll say one thing. Hillary is way better than any Republican.’

As if summoned from the depths, Jeb Bush (Beck Bennett) made an appearance, rising up from beneath another table, like a Venus rising from the sea. Sure, he’s a big loser, but he was giving it his all.

One of the young diners said that Clinton “got her butt kicked in New Hampshire,” and they all agreed it was, because “she’s not Bernie:”

‘She’s every single thing I want for president…but she’s not Bernie.’

They are right. She doesn’t have the Bernie vibe.


Featured Image: “SNLScreengrab.

H/T: “Saturday Night Live