Ted Cruz Goes Full Jerk Over Obama SCOTUS Nomination: Chuck Schumer Goes On Sunday Talk Show To Defiantly Respond


After the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia last night, Ted Cruz, along with many other Republicans, has promised to block anyone that President Obama might appoint. Despite the fact that President Obama has every right to nominate whomever he would like, Republicans are terrified that right-wing nut job Scalia will be replaced with someone other than another right-wing nut job.

Plenty of people are upset about the heavily GOP-controlled Senate’s blatant admission that they will prevent a liberal Supreme Court Justice from taking Scalia’s place, including Democratic New York Senator Chuck Schumer. Regarding Cruz’s promise, Schumer said:

‘Well, the job, first and foremost, is for the president to nominate and for the Senate to hold hearings and go through the process. You know, the Constitution, Ted Cruz holds the Constitution when he walks through the halls of Congress. Let him show me the clause that says president’s only president for three years.’

Schumer also discussed Senator Mitch McConnell’s obstructionism. Shortly after Scalia’s death was announced, McConnell made the declaration that the Senate should not act on any nominee submitted by President Obama. Instead, McConnell’s solution was that the Court should remain short-handed for at least a year. About McConnell, Schumer said:

‘You know, the kind of obstructionism that Mitch McConnell’s talking about, he’s harking back to his old days, you know, he recently he said, well, ‘I want regular order.’ But in 2010, right after the election or right during the election, he said, ‘My number one job is to defeat Barack Obama,’ without even knowing what Barack Obama was going to propose. Here, he doesn’t even know who the president’s going to propose and he said, ‘no, we’re not having hearings, we’re not going to go forward to lead the Supreme Court vacant at 300 days in a divided time.

This kind of obstructionism isn’t going to last. And you know, we Democrats didn’t do this. We voted 97-0 for Justice Kennedy in the last year of Reagan’s term. I think first the American people don’t like this obstruction. When you go right off the bat and say, ‘I don’t care who he nominates, I am going to oppose him,’ that’s not going to fly.’

Senator Schumer is correct when he says that no reasonable American will go for this disgusting obstructionism. Cruz and the rest of the GOP are only making themselves look worse with these petty, close-minded promises.

Watch the clip below, courtesy of This Week ABC via Twitter.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/ Flickr, available under a Creative Commons license.