Texas Media Largely Rejecting ‘Dangerous’ Cruz For President, But Not Endorsing Trump, Either


If anyone’s going to know a hometown boy, it’s going to be the local papers, and in Ted Cruz’s case, several of Texas’ top major newspapers have chosen not to endorse the presidential candidate “so well loved” not even his own daughter wants to kiss him. That’s a tough break, especially when one considers most “local papers” are often actually large corporate shill publications these days, masquerading as the small, local papers of yesterday. If a corporate paper won’t even endorse a conservative, corporate-friendly candidate “from its own state,” what hope does Ted Cruz truly have at winning the presidency?

While Cruz may be the only candidate from Texas this election, there is no denying the strong Bush dynasty presence in the Lone Star State. So, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that the San Antonio Express-News opted to endorse Jeb Bush over Ted Cruz, regardless of his obvious lackluster race thus far. The Express-News stated Bush is “not the flashiest candidate in the crowded Republican presidential field. And he lacks the mischievous charm that his older brother, George W. Bush, used to navigate his way through campaign obstacles,” yet they still chose to endorse him over Ted Cruz, stating:

‘The freshman senator has demonstrated a frightening willingness to push the American economy to the brink of disaster to pursue his ideological agenda – even when he clearly does not have the votes to get his way…The freshman senator’s methodical run for the White House is obviously well-planned, but Cruz’s self-centered approach has thoroughly alienated even his Republican Senate colleagues. And that is obviously a recipe for a weak, unsuccessful administration. He lacks the temperament to be president.’

The Dallas Morning News underlines its insult to Ted Cruz in refusing to endorse him, and does so through its endorsement of Ohio Gov. John Kasich, where it states:

‘As much as we’d like to see a Texan in the White House, we fear that Cruz’s brand of politics is more about disruption than governing and threatens to take the Republican Party to a dark place. As we’ve written before, continuing obstructionist paths might excite primary voters, but it won’t benefit the nation or the conservative cause.’

The Morning News expressed the above opinion of Cruz in the same piece that served as an endorsement for Kasich, where even there the publication referred to the governor’s reputation as having a “crusty, sometimes irritable side.”

Again, not a great endorsement of the candidate either paper did choose, which underlines just how little they think of a potential Cruz presidency—or how much they fear it.

But what does the Houston Chronicle have to say? They’ve got to have old Teddy’s back, don’t they?

Not so much, either.

The Chronicle followed suit with the Express-News and threw its print behind Jeb! And, like both other major Texas newspapers, the Chronicle couldn’t resist in its endorsement of another to verbally tar and feather Ted Cruz somewhat, where they referred to Cruz as “disastrous for the Republican Party, disastrous for the nation,” even as, once again, another major newspaper offered another lukewarm endorsement of Bush, stating, “he may not be a great candidate, but he would be a great nominee – and a capable president.”

The enthusiasm for Kasich and Bush is so underwhelming, yet, it seems, still so preferable to anything Ted Cruz might try to drag to the political head of the table should he ever achieve the presidency. Take note, America—there’s a reason for that. Better trust “the locals” on this one.

With both Bush and Kasich limping along in single digits, it seems the anti-Cruz sentiment could leave the Republican nomination wide open for front-runner Donald Trump, though. And it wasn’t so long ago that Trump was considered a crackpot candidate, himself, so perhaps there’s nothing to worry about anyway, regardless. After all, if this is the best the right can produce for the 2016 presidential race, it should be a landslide democratic win, anyway, especially if Bernie Sanders wins the nomination.

Featured image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr, available under a Creative Commons license.