Bill Clinton Responds To Heckler And Compares Trump To Biblical Figure


Everybody’s favorite saxophone-playing former president, Bill Clinton, has been making the rounds recently on behalf of his wife, potential Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Bill was in Florida, at a sold out event doing what he does best (no, not that – get your heads out of the gutter), public speaking.

During his speech, the silver haired Democrat was rudely interrupted by a carefully disguised Trump fan. The fan saw his moment to heckle Clinton, and ripped off his disguise to reveal a Donald Trump tee-shirt, the hallmark outfit of the uninformed and unenlightened. The heckler boldly exclaimed:

“You took his money”

Before Secret Service had time to react, Bill was on it. Like a stand-up comedian, he took the heckler to task by dropping some truth bombs.

“I remember when he called me to say how terrible the Republicans had been to Hillary and me and how unfair they were and what a brilliant job Hillary did as a senator…By the way, a lot of them called me about that, which is why they spent the last three years trying to tear her down because they know if they nominate her they are going to have to eat the words they said.”

Kaboom! Way to go Bill. But he wasn’t quite finished. As the Trump supporter was being gently escorted from the premises by Secret Service, Bill laid the smack down Old Testament style:

“If you want to build a wall on the Rio Grande River and you want to send the 11 million immigrants home, then you should follow him like Moses into the Promised Land,”

Kapow! You don’t mess with the Clintons because they will whoop you back to biblical times.

It’s interesting to note that Trump has actually been supporting the Clinton Foundation for a while. His name is on their website for making a donation of between $100,000 and $250,000. I’m not an expert on donating huge sums of money to foundations, but if I really disagreed with the politics, ethics and ideas of another person and even felt the need to personally attack them as Trump does at every opportunity, I wouldn’t make regular contributions to anything with their name on it. Still, good on The Donald for supporting the Clinton Foundation. See, he’s not all bad…just mostly bad.

You can check out Clinton heckling a heckler below: