The Conspiracy Candidate: Donald Trump Joins Scalia MURDER Theorists (VIDEO)


Talking to lunatic right wing radio shocker Michael Savage this morning, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said it is “pretty unusual” that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead with a pillow on his face, thus fanning the flames of right wing conspiracy theories.

Scalia reportedly suffered from heart trouble and high blood pressure. He was 79 years old.

Meanwhile, this morning I also woke up with a pillow on my face. Was it just a coincidence? Was I unconsciously shading my eyes from the sunlight? Or was it…A CONSPIRACY? I report, you decide!

Listen to this madness if you dare:

Savage: …(W)e need the equivalent of a Warren Commission, we need an immediate autopsy before the body is disposed of. What do you think of that?

Trump: Well I just heard today, I mean just a little while ago, actually, you know I just landed and I’m hearing it’s a big topic, but the question, and it’s a horrible topic, but they say they found a pillow on his face, which is a pretty unusual place to find a pillow. I can’t tell you what, I can’t give you an answer, you know, usually I like to give you answers, but I literally just heard it a little while ago, it’s just starting to come out now.

Reporting from New Hampshire in a seven-day series for Huffington Post, writers Jack Hitt and Kevin Baker say that we are witnessing a “mass-manic episode” of “magical thinking — even conspiracy-laden, totally batshit crazy thinking” this year. But we shouldn’t be surprised to find ourselves at this pass.

Mainstream media has helped this happen by refusing to call out even the most harebrained assertions. Future historians will see a preview of the downfall of the republic in Anderson Cooper’s suggestion that gun conspiracy kooks might have a point, after all.

If there was a dividing line between the black helicopter crowd and the mainstream Republican grassroots, it has been thoroughly erased by seven long years of unhinged, paranoid delusions and fraudulent narratives masquerading as political opinions without any consequences.

Republican voters have come to expect no less. In fact, the more demented the assertion, the better they like it.

With all of the candidates on the GOP debate stage touting one contrived fairy tale or another, Donald Trump remains the front-runner because he’s been at it longest and hardest.

When he flirted with running in 2012, Trump was already an unapologetic ‘birther;’ now he’s turning the ‘native-born’ theme on Ted Cruz.

Trump’s hand-picked spokeswoman has a long history of touting 9/11 conspiracy theories, ‘Agenda 21,’ and other borderline derangements.

Last week, Trump accused Pope Francis of being in cahoots with the Mexican government to embarrass the United States.

Savage enjoys better relations with Trump than Fox News, and he is hardly the only talk radio conspiracy nut who does. Trump appeared on the Alex Jones Show in December, and while they didn’t discuss whether subterranean lizard people run the world, Jones was the first prominent right winger to float the ‘Scalia-was-murdered’ conspiracy theory, drawing a straight line to Trump:

Are they going to kill Clarence Thomas? Maybe they’ll kill Ron Paul. Maybe they’ll kill Donald Trump next. They all had heart attacks. How many more of these are we going to sit here and put up with? Or maybe their airplane blows up. (Emphasis mine)

Donald Trump is the conspiracy candidate. We haven’t seen his like since Barry Goldwater and the John Birch Society; we can only hope that he and his supporters end up in the same outer darkness of politics, cast back to the lunatic fringe from whence they came.