WATCH: Lindsey Graham Asks ‘How Many of You Are Democrats?’ – Bush Raises His Hand


We do not know why Jeb! Bush raised his hand when Lindsey Graham asked, “How many of you are Democrats.” Everyone knows that if you’re a Republican you are supposed to hate Democrats. You are not supposed to be one of them.

But not Jeb. Bush was at a South Carolina town hall meeting when that question was posed by Graham. By the way, South Carolina is one of the states each candidate is trying to win, but you wouldn’t know that from his actions.

Watch, uploaded by Craig Cantor:


That’s not Jeb’s only problem today. If you go to, it redirects to Donald Trump’s site, showing the GOP front-runner’s picture along with the words, “Make America Great Again!”

We don’t know if Trump is now a hacker or if Bush simply let his domain expire because, who cares, there’s only an election around the corner!

Adding to Bush’s problems, South Carolina voters aren’t really sure who he is. The top question according to Google trends data asked about Jeb Bush in South Carolina was, “Is Jeb Bush related to George W. Bush?”

That’s right, voters in South Carolina do not know that Jeb Bush is related to a war criminal. Weird.

Other questions asked were, “What does Jeb Bush do?” and “Who is Jeb Bush’s Mom?”

According to polls, Trump’s numbers are way up, probably because he said another stupid thing. Bush and Carson are barely hanging in there.

The dumbing down of America has begun, and the candidates are the dummy’s mentors. Don’t believe me? Just look at Jeb Bush’s hand raised proudly in the air when Lindsey asks if there are any Democrats in the room.

Lindsey really, really, really doesn’t like Donald Trump, so you know he probably wanted to throat-punch Jeb. Lindsey Graham is well aware than the hotel magnate is the death knell of the GOP. He’s called Trump a bigot and has urged conservatives to tell him to “go to hell.”

That was your moment, Jeb. Geez.

And no, Mr. Bush, you are not a Democrat. We don’t want you over here on the left. Put your hand down.

Via: Mediate, Weekly Standard.

Image: Screengrab.