JUST IN: Court Decides To Take Case Challenging The Eligibility Of Ted Cruz


A judge will hear arguments on Friday from an Illinois voter, who says he’s a Ben Carson supporter, alleging that Ted Cruz is not a “natural-born citizen” and should be disqualified for the GOP nomination.

This is that delicious moment when the birther nonsense comes full circle back to the GOP. Cruz’s mother was living in Canada was but was U.S. citizen when she gave birth to him.

However, Lawrence Joyce objects to Cruz’s placement on the Illinois primary ballot next month and is appealing a previous case which was dismissed, according to USA Today.

Joyce was granted a hearing for Friday before Judge Maureen Ward Kirby.

Following Donald Trump’s claims that Cruz isn’t eligible to hold the highest seat in the land, Joyce filed a suit.

He said, “What I fear is that Ted Cruz becomes the nominee, come September, Congressman Alan Grayson of Florida will go forward with his threats and probably several other Democrats will file suit to prevent Ted Cruz from being on the ballot.”

Joyce is a pharmacist and attorney from Poplar Grove, Illinois, according to USA Today. Cruz worked as a lawyer and went to Harvard Law school so this should be interesting. 

“What Democrats will do at that point is cherry pick which county courthouse they are going to show up in order to file these petitions,” Joyce said. “And at that point, I fear they’ll get a string of victories in the lower courts and the funding for Ted Cruz would dry up, his numbers would plummet in the polls, he may be forced to give up the nomination.”

The campaigns of Trump and Cruz have not responded to the suit.

However, during the town hall meeting meeting Wednesday hosted by CNN, Cruz said, “I never breathed a breath of air on this planet when I was not a U.S. citizen.” “It was the act of being born that made me a U.S. citizen.”

Cruz added, “There will be some who try to work political mischief on it, but as a legal matter, this is clear and straightforward.”

Conservatives also hurled birther accusations at President Barack Obama, who unlike Cruz, was actually born in the United States. After being able to eject Obama from office over false allegations that he’s ineligible, now they’re eating their own. Niiiiice.

Image: Wikimedia Commons.