JUST IN: National Poll Number Released Show Giant Gains For This Candidate


Our man Sen. Bernie Sanders astounded pollsters by leaping ahead of Hillary Clinton in the national Fox News poll released Thursday! The Sanders’ campaign has been saying that when people get to know the Vermont Senator, they like him, and that has proven true. On the other hand, controversy, which breeds media attention, has followed Clinton for the past 25 years.

So, the idea that Sanders could climb over all that name recognition and close their 12-point gap in just a month is astonishing. Clinton claimed national attention in 1993 as First Lady to President Bill Clinton, and their unconventional relationship, including his affairs, only boosted her celebrity.

Then she ran a controversial bid for the junior U.S. senator of New York. After all, she grew up in Chicago, lived in Arkansas, when her husband became Governor, and followed him Washington, D.C.’s White House. But okay, she managed to win the New York race.

We remember when she ran a determined campaign against President Barack Obama in 2008 and nearly won. Then, rather than sit around and knit booties for her new grand-baby, she accepted the job of Secretary of State, when the president offered it. To say she has a ‘Type A’ personality might just be an understatement.

So, what changed between January’s national poll, showing Clinton 49 percent to Sanders’ 37 percent, and the just released poll with Sanders winning 47 percent to Clinton’s 44 percent? First of all, Sanders left Clinton in the snow, when he came within spitting distance of winning Iowa’s caucuses.

Then he won the New Hampshire primary, beating Clinton handily. That creates momentum, but it also creates name recognition. Sanders’ campaign is right, people do like what they see, once they get to know him.

People already know Clinton, so the only ways she can win are by claiming establishment endorsements and playing the insult comic to Sanders. But the Vermont senator continues to take the high road, only responding to defend himself.

This leaves Clinton in the roll of the shrew against Sanders’ exciting revolution. The Fox poll is the only one showing Sanders with a significant lead. Most polls show the opposite results, but TPM’s PollTracker Average shows Sanders closing in on Clinton. He has 42.1 percent, while she carries 49 percent.

Watch out, Hillary Clinton. When the people get to know Bernie Sanders, they get excited and feel the Bern!

Check out the progress of the Bernie Sanders’ popularity compared to Hillary Clinton below:

Featured Image: Donkey Hotey via Flickr, Creative Commons.

H/T: TPM and Fox News.