WATCH: President Obama Jokes, ‘You Know It’s Black History Month When’ This Happens


When he leaves the White House early next year, if he wants to, President Obama could easily have a career as a comedian. The man has perfect comedic timing, is not afraid to make fun of himself, and can just flat out tell a joke. Imagine it for a moment: Ex-POTUS as standup comic. Hey, I’d love to see him do set at a comedy club!

If you doubt the President’s skill at cracking a joke, take a look at what he said at a Black History Month reception earlier this morning with the First Lady:

ABC News immediately tweeted out this:

If you notice in the video, the First Lady looks like she has been utterly taken by surprise with the President’s comments. She actually blushes, but the President is right: Michelle Obama looks great, as usual.

How much are we gonna miss this guy when he leaves office? More than words can possibly convey.

Here’s a look back at some of President Obama’s best comedic moments since he was elected:

The 2015 White House Correspondent’s Dinner, when the POTUS was joined onstage by a man he called his “anger translator,” played to perfection by Keegan-Michael Key:

Another time when the President was equal to the task in both comedy and sending a very important message about healthcare coverage under the Affordable Care Act came when he appeared with actor Zach Galifianakis on “Between Two Ferns,” and managed to get a neat little dig in at the actor about the seemingly endless sequels to “The Hangover,” by saying:

It didn’t really work out very well, did it?

But perhaps the funniest moment, the one that shows the President loves to poke fun at himself, also occurred at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, this time in 2011. The President told the gathered audience of honored guests:

Tonight for the first time. I’m releasing my official birth video!

The next thing you saw was a clip of the “Circle of Life” song from the movie “The Lion King.” Take a look and laugh again:

Mr. President, we are gonna miss you! But we know you’ll be a success–and a bit of a joker–no matter what you decide to do next.

Featured Image Via YouTube